Maria Esperanza Bonilla

As Interviewed by Eavan Bonilla, April 8, 2019

Maria Esperanza Bonilla: In Her Own Words

I was born in 1950. And what was Honduras like in the 1950’s or the 1900’s? Yes, as I remember Honduras was like a beautiful tropical paradise when I was born in 1950. We lived in my grandparents housed, it was surrounded by beautiful fruit trees. In the morning we would just go out and pick up like grapefruit and oranges and avocados and whatever. But the thing was that at that time we didn’t think of it as a paradise because it was all we knew. It was just a normal lifestyle for us.

...Let me try to think. I used to go to kindergarten when I was maybe about 3 or 4 years old…. and believe it or not at that time there were still revolutions going on in the country. So I remember one time my, the lady who used to take care of us, sort of like a nany went to pick us up and when we were walking back home, a big fight and bullets where flying around and we had to run home and get in the house and be safe inside because there was what they call the government Coup, a change of president at the time, and so that was one of the scariest memories that I remember but there where many beautiful memories to.

I grew up with my grandparents. With a lot of cousins, a lot of loving family around us. So you know those are the scary and the beautiful parts of my early childhood that I remember. That's beautiful.