Brian O'Neil

As interviewed by Evan O'Neil, March 24, 2019

About Brian O'Neil

This is Evan O'Neil interviewing Brian O'Neil on his interesting perspective on the 9/11 attacks.

It is one thing to see it on television but it is quite another thing to see it in person because you have got more senses taking in what's going on around you. It was still smoldering and smoke was coming up from fires that were still burning underground. The knowledge that there were still people, humans, that had died in the event still buried in the pile that I was looking at with my own eyes, It made it more real than just watching it on television.

I did have the opportunity to speak with quite a few people who have had friends or family that were involved in the clean up effort or who were killed during the event. In fact the company that I was working for, on september 11th they had scheduled a meeting in a world tower that day later in the afternoon. So people from my company were actually planning to be in lower manhattan within a few hours after the attacks took place.

Everybody's experience with 9/11 is kind of like a snowflake, no two are exactly the same, there could be some similarities. Everyone whether they were involved in it directly or just watching it on the news, I think everyone had a different way of dealing with that experience.