Guowei Lu

As interviewed by Gloria Meng, March 24th, 2019

Guowei Lu: In Her Own Words

My name is Gloria Meng and I interviewed my mother Guowei Lu about her experiences after immigrating from China to America.

My name is Guowei Lu, I born in Tianjing China. Itís a big city, itís not far away from the capital of China, and right now Iím working as a SAS programmer.

When I was young, China is not developed as good as right now, so lots of people only can survive. Thereís not lots of food, not lots of money, and during that time I think itís working harder in the school is the only road for us to improve our life. When I graduate from the college university, I decide to follow my husband, went to American to get a better life.

When I first came to USA, I really spend very little money to survival. Even in Indianapolis, thereís a store, even a week, we only spend less than, maybe around forty dollars for whole week.

Even I started English at school from third grade, at the beginning when I came to USA, my life is very difficult. I can not speak out. Sometimes I donít understand what the other person saying, so we take a long time to improve our English. When I first came to USA, I worked as a waitress in a buffet. At that time, my English is not as good to be a waitress, so I take the job without saying lots of things, without take orders. Only I did is collect the dirty plates, or dirty cups, so thatís the job that did not need language, but work very hard.

Itís very hard when we first came to America, but Iím very glad we decided to stay here and work harder and make a better life in America.