Pallavi Shah

As interviewed by Arsh Shah, March 16, 2019

Pallavi Shah: In Her Own Words

My name is Arsh Shah, interviewing Pallavi Shah on her immigration process to the United States.

I had to get my passport done because it was just that it happened that he quickly came to India and we got engaged, so then that started. So it took me/ the passport took me a couple of months and that process was a bit stressful because we werenít sure exactly that was our first time and we had some mixed information because some people say that ohh, If you get married and you are going to America, then they will not approve your passport. I think it wasnít true but it was a bit stressful because at one point we thought even though if I get married, I wonít be able to come to U.S. immediately and it may take me some time.The passport then it happened, it took some time, it took a while but it worked out. After the passport, I heard that from some friends that the Visa is very difficult, passport is not. The Visa is the big process, and sometime they donít approve your Visa, and then you canít go and you will have to live without your husband here. But I didnít give much thought to all of those because that thing was not in my hand anyway what I didnít know what else to do it. I just had to apply and show them all the paperwork, so thatís what I did, and it got approved. I was happy that it happened in one try. So the Visa wasnít actually Visa happened in one day. That time we had to physically go to the office, Visa office and apply and stand in the line from the morning and giving the number. But they used to if the Visa gets approved, they used to issue it on the same day, so I got the Visa on the same day. I would in fact say that it wasnít as stressful as I had heard from people. I heard they ask you so many questions and I still remember like people say that oh. You are wearing a that Mehndi, in India when we get married we put it on out hand. People say that oh, you are not definitely not going to get, you should get it removed, and some people say carry all the wedding invitation cards and the album that you are actually really married, they donít think itís a fake thing. So you have to prove them a lot they were saying. But I thin that since my husband was working here, and he had the paperwork, there was no issue. I was lucky enough to get the Visa.