Joseph Lucas

As interviewed by: Emily Lucas, March 24, 2019

Joseph Lucas: as interviewed by Emily

“School is … in India is as fun as it is here. But in general they are in par with what we have here. You want to grow up, and do get some job, want to be engineer or some profession you want to be, but you never think about going to a foreign land as much as people do today.”

“I came here to go to school, graduate school. After working in India a couple of years I figured out oh maybe there are better places. People come here and it was a little more easier for me because of my education background.”

“English I actually learned, when I was in India. Most kids do, but you do not speak necessarily all the time, everyday english. You speak another language. So you can consider spanish folks around who speak spanish, but know english, so that’s how I was. So since you don’t speak everyday, you kind of not good at it.”

“To get into the any college in US, as a foreign student, you have to pass a coupleof exams. If you do not, and they are, they are similar to SAT, there are couple of tests. One of them is called TOEFL. That stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. So, that basically measure your english ability, not like you are super good at english. But they are more concentrated about your ability to listen, as well as your ability to speak. So you have to have a certain score in that to get to any US school, otherwise you’re out. I did fine. I did really good. There is always apprehension that you may or may not do good but if you prepare, it is a very easy test. To get to get to Graduate school you have to write another exam, which is called the GRE, which is equivalent to an SAT. So that everybody has to write, but this is for foreign students in addition to the GRE.”

“My class had a lot of folks from Mexico, especially. They all actually commute every day, from Mexico, to the school, because the school is so close to the border, so kind of a sizeable number of students are from Mexico. They just drive and come there, every day. So, whether you believe it or not.”