Mishko Teodorovich

As Interviewed by Andrew Teodorovich, March 24, 2019

Mishko Teodorovich: In His Own Words

The US has gone to prevent so-called humanitarian catastrophe by Serbian forces fighting the Kosovo Liberation Army. Kosovo Liberation Army was named a terrorist organization by the US government a few years prior to that. So there were no truthful, explicitly stated reasons why NATO bombed or why the US was leading NATO to bomb Yugoslavia. At the time, primarily western European countries were involved. Besides the United States that was largely Britain, first of all in this bombing campaign I think the majority of the force, equipment, and personnel was from the United States. Small symbolic numbers, a few airplanes here and there were from other countries. So it was the US Navy and Airforce and countries that were participating were Italy, England, France, Germany, Greece, but I think it's important to say that this was not a unanimous consent by all member countries, there was a lot of resentment in certain countries, simply because this was ethically a wrong bombing and wrongful aggression to commit. There were senior officers in other member countries who objected to this bombing campaign and has actually obstructed it or withdrawn from it, there was a senior military officer from France but he was a member of the French military and French intelligence, he has provided Serbian military with all targets available at the time that NATO had planned and actually averted bombing which was supposed to happen in October 1998, but because of these leaks of all the targets planned by NATO, NATO decided to postpone it’s bombing campaign until the year after. The other example was a Greek commander of a ship commander, who refused the NATO order to bomb civilian and other targets in Serbia, stating that he believes that is a wrongful thing to do and refused to follow NATO command. I think it's important to understand that our tax dollars really are funding certain actions, aggression, and killing abroad by our government that most of our people I don’t think are aware of, and wouldn’t approve. The transparency of reporting, transparency of what's going on is really important to have otherwise we are going continue to fund actions under false pretenses that the are defending our country or bringing democracy somewhere in the world when neither of them are true.