Javier D.

As Interviewed by Oscar A., March 25, 2019

Javier D.: In His Own Words

What motivated you to come to the United States and how old were you?

The motivation to come to the United States was to move on, and I came at 18 years old

What did your family and friends think of you coming to the United States?

They tell you that you are not going to be able do it, that something can happen to you or an accident, but they were always afraid that something would happen to me.

Was there people that inspired you to come to the United States?

Well yeah, there were a lot of people that came from the United States. It looked like their economy was good, they had good stuff.

What did you do when you got here?

The first time I got here, I got here brooming, taking out trash, and cleaning. Whenever you get here thereís a lot of people that try to help you out, they give two months of rent so you can get comfortable and get a good job. Whenever I got here, I got here with friends that came with me and we all lived in a house with them and they helped me find a job with them.

And now what do you think of our president?

Heís a person and everyone makes mistakes and not a lot of the time we know the thoughts of every person. Like he likes to attack a lot of immigrant people, the immigrant people work a lot to get money and to pay a lot of bills, but this person, I donít know, heís a person that hasnít suffered and doesnít appreciate things, but everything comes so we need to also show respect so we can also get the respect from others.

Do you think that thereís been more immigrants in the United States?

I think that thereís a lot more immigrants in this country because this country has a lot of jobs and needs the people. Like have you seen the towers in downtown? Well a lot of immigrants work there. Latinos look for the hard jobs like cement and being under the sun the whole day because it is the most easiest job to find. Most of the people that are immigrants have jobs under the light of the sun.

How do you feel about being here?

Right now I have approximately 18 years. It feels like it was just yesterday when I got here because the days go by fast here. Itís a comfortable country and a place with a lot of opportunities. This is where the future of my kids is.

Do you miss what you had in Mexico?

One really misses a lot his family, his friends, being there outdoors eating, and things that a lot of people do there. You miss a lot of stuff.