Jim Li

As Interviewed Tracy Li, March 22, 2019

Jim Li: In His Own Words

Hi, I’m Tracy Li; and I’m interviewing my dad, Jim Li about his lifestyle in the poor rural villages.
Where I lived was a poor place and at that time China was in a bad place and many of the homes were only “one-roomed” and it was hard for us at that time.
Our school was poor too, but our teachers were nice and even though we were poor, we still learned the same things.
Occasionally there were fights, but in the end, the school was a pretty good place. The main difference was during lunch, instead of going out and eating, we would have to go outside and pick leaves to eat.
I would have to take care of my brother which was one of my main tasks, and one of the main things that took up my time. I would also have to take care of the house when my parents were out.
My family was my dad and my mom, also my brother and myself. Our house was only one room, it was also a very dirty place. Didn’t have much space to operate, but we still managed to pull through. In time my parents were mainly teachers, and they would go out and teach well. Many of my friends were as poor s us, but we still managed to have fun, such as playing basketball, but we still managed to pull through.