Kristiana Mulligan

As Interviewed by Ian Irving, March 16, 2019

Kristiana Mulliga: In Her Own Words

My name is Ian Irving and Iím interviewing my German grandmother Kirstiana Mulligan.

One of the experiences it was when my dad was on vacation I was probably 3 or 4 years old, I was with my sister Sigrid who was 1 year younger than I am. We were playing on the sports ground, on the soccer field about five minutes away from our house. And all of a sudden I saw my dad come running towards us. He had shaving cream on his chin, he was dressed in his underwear and he came racing towards us he snatched one girl in his right arm and had me under the other and we ran as fast as we could into the basement of my grandmotherís house. Apparently the sirens had blared which was usually a sign that there was danger in the air. Kind of a bomber, airplanes were dropping bombs. Two little girls we weren't paying any attention we didnít hear the sirens and so I remember we were sitting in the basement for probably half a hour with all my other relatives and other cousins. And when the all clear sounded we were able to get out of the basement. Later in the afternoon my dad showed us about half a kilometer away from our house a bomb had actually dropped but was on an empty field and there was just a huge crater in the ground. So the bomb had not hit a target had not hit a house and we were all safe.
I know that American soldiers were stationed in our town, and the very first Hershey chocolate bar and the very first chewing gum was given to me by the soldiers who played ball with us and were always friendly. So from little girl on when every I heard ĎAmericanaí which means the Americans I just smiled and was always happy to meet them.