Mr.Alex Felan

As interviewed by Adith Chagarlamudi, March 15, 2019

Mr.Alex Felan: In His Own Words

Hello, my name is Adith and today I am interviewing Mr.Alex Felan about his experiences with his ethnicity being Irish.
So first thing’s first, what are your ethnic backgrounds? My ethnic backgrounds is my parents are of Mexican descent, my entire family are spanish speakers on both sides, but we have been in Texas since the late 1800’s; so that is where my family heritage comes from pr where my family background comes from. So are namesake Felan comes from O-Felan or O-Fowlan, I don’t really know how to pronounce it in Irish, so during the Mexican-American war, the Irish, a lot of the Irish left the Appalachians, and nobody liked the Irish apparently, and they left those areas and a lot of of them went to Mexico to fight on the side of Mexican because they were Catholic, that was a big pool; at the time protinces weren’t treating the catholics very well, so they were like forget this and went to mexico to fight for a side that were equal with them, not for me but with people who were also catholic. And when they went to Mexico to fight and that is where our name came from. They stayed there, intermarried and they stayed there for the 1800’s and came to Texas. Were from Mexican descent, we are not mexican, I mean we are Tejanos,we live here but we are not mexican. I’ve been told that I am able to pass, so I can, like if you saw my brothers and you saw me, you would be like “woah” because my brothers are darker, they take more after my mother’s side, I mean my mother is not Dark but she is a darker brown than I am , and you would look at my brother and be like Whoa, I mean a lot of my friends they would meet my brother and say, “I never knew you were Mexican”, you know, so being in that position I have witnessed some things from, you know, people talking about different races, talking about my race, talking about things that they think.., they are comfortable saying because they think I am white , I mean it is interesting. I have seen my brother, he was, we were together, a couple years ago, we were about to camp, we were camping as a family in Mexia, Texas at Fort Parker, Mexia is a very, very country/rural town and in North-Central Texas, North-East Central-Texas I should say, and we all got out one day and we were getting some supplies for the campground and we go to this, It is like a big gas station, It is like a gas station ,you know, where they have food, I mean they had everything, It was like a stop and get whatever you need in the country; It wasn’t a grocery store, but it was you know they had a lot of stuff and it as a gas station and my brother is getting some things, he goes up to the counter and is asking the teller, or the attendant for some cigarettes and some things there and put them on the counter and he asked for this stuff and the person looked at him and told him “We don’t have anything for sell.” and I am standing behind there like and he looks at me, turns right back around and says “What?” and the clerk goes like “We do not have anything for sell.” and she looked around him and looked at me and asks “Can I help you sir?” ; so we decided ,you know what, it is best if we leave. We are not gonna support this business, and we left so I have witnessed that a couple years ago.