Adam and Jessica Santos

As Interviewed by Graeme M., March 27, 2019

Adam and Jessica Santos: In Their Own Words

GM - Are all your kids treated kindly in school, or are they being bullied, made fun of etc?
JS - I think right now theyíre treated kindly, but two of my children are half Hispanic. I have noticed that when there is an opportunity to do a video or photography theyíre often chosen and I think it as an attempt showing diversity in their school. That they get attention because of their race, not necessarily because of achievement or intellect, or anything that they caused, itís just the fact theyíre a darker shade of brown than their classmates.

GM - Have any of you noticed that a family member or someone that you know been discriminated in the past?

AS - My father was. He moved here from Mexico when he was a young boy, and when he went to school there in the 60ís and 70ís they had re-segregated schools. So there wasnít any separation between black and white schools anymore, and so when he was going to school, he definitely was bullied and teased for speaking Spanish and having brown skin at school. It was because of that his dad told why he didnít teach them Spanish at home to his kids was he had a really hard time from being a Spanish speaker and Hispanic. And so he didnít want us to get bullied or teased so he wanted us more like people wanted which was to speak English all the time. So he didnít want us to learn Spanish for that reason or you might get bullied like he was. That was my most immediate family member and that was my dad because of what he experienced in schools did trickle down to how he chose to do things with his kids.

GM - Thank you Mr and Mrs Santos and have a nice day!