Sung Lee

As interviewed by Nathan Lee, March 10,2019

Sung Lee: In His Own Words

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Today I am interviewing one of my church leaders about bringing Christianity to social justice.

My name is Sung Lee, one of the leaders of this church and I came to the the United States. I grew up here most of my life, went to UT, and met my wife at UT.

I grew up in a church but I never really understood what Christianity was truly about until I accepted Christ. I didnít know everything right away, but the more and more I read the bible, I see how Godís way is a little different than the world's way. I wanted to follow Godís ways.

The way I interact with people, I make sure I treat others the way God views people, out of love. As God says in the Bible, we are all equal, equally created -- and I want to treat everyone with respect.

When you go back to core values of Christianity, it is about God loving everyone equally. When you read the Bible, it talks about social justice in terms of everyone is equal. Thatís part of the good news and thatís something that I would like to help spread. Jesus says he came to call sinners to repentance -- itís for everybody and always Iíve tried to tell Godís truth, that Iím just carrying out, and doing Godís will as I teach or tell others about him.

Ultimately the mission of a christian is to become more like Jesus Christ, though for us, our mission here on Earth is to share the good news, to glorify God just as Jesus did.

When thereís rejection, the great thing is that the Bible tells us that, donít worry about those things. He will work in peopleís hearts and bring people to him. All we have to do is to deliver the message to people. I hope people have heard what God says about things, thereís so many opportunities to teach people. I remember inviting people to church who wanted no part of it.

When you think about it, how did this whole universe come to be? Thereís got to be something. The point of morality tell people about Jesus Christ to who died for our sins. I believe that God created the science behind everything. As an engineer, I need the evidence to back up my belief. There had to be some intelligent creator, that created the universe.

The life of Jesus, historically -- everybody agrees that he was a historical figure -- itís just who he is people disagree with indeed the son of God.

You just never know, there could be a lot of opportunities, first in the workplace and you could just pray and ask God to help you.

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Everyone has a belief system so because of that, itís really hard to get people to believe that there is a god, and that God created everything -- and so because of that, itís difficult to change peopleís worldview.

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But I realize that I need to just trust God because he would work in everyoneís hearts. He worked in my heart and he supported in so many different peopleís hearts many many times later.

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The important thing for us to do, when we share Christ, is pray because we are just delivering the message as God reaches out to peopleís hearts.

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