Diana Ventura

As Interviewed by Sofia Rios, March 17, 2019

Diana Ventura: In Her Own Words

Sofia Rios interviewing Diana Ventura about the need and reason of emotional support dogs.

I have P.T.S.D. from several things, I’ve been assaulted a couple of times and it’s because I’m a woman and smaller. That tends to happen more, and I tend to travel a lot more, so I’m putting myself out there.

What I love about Safa is that she’s scary looking, she’s a Pit Bull, so people stay away from me and when we’re on the sidewalk they will try to steer away from us sometimes. It’s nice that she looks scary, but she’s actually really sweet. I’m not good with dog fights, so I can’t have a dog that iss aggressive. I’m very anxious and I’ve had a history with dogs that are aggressive. Safa works because she looks scary but she’s actually really sweet. She does the job -- I feel protected, but I don’t have to really worry about she will do.