Judi Ferguson

As Interviewed by Ella G, March 9, 2019

Judi Ferguson: In Her Own Words

My name is Judi Ferguson I was born in 1949. I graduated from high school and then I went on to x-ray training, which was another 36 months of training. I have been a radiation therapist, and I worked for an eye surgeon as a optic assistant.

When I was a little girl, growing up girls had to wear dresses to school. And I wore a dress everyday to school from the time I entered kindergarten till I graduated high school. We were not allowed to wear jeans, slacks -- it had to be either a skirt or dress. Unless it was really, really cold out, in that case we could wear a pair of slacks underneath our dress, but we had to wear the dress. When I went away to x-ray school we had to wear a white uniforms -- they didn’t even have pant uniforms, so I was always wearing a white dress uniform.

After I started working, I was very excited one day when pant uniforms came out. And I bought a pant uniform to wear to the hospital and I remember I was so nervous to wear it. I just felt so out of place -- it just felt so funny wearing long pants. And now a days that’s all you see, you don’t even see dress uniforms anymore.

When I was in high school there was no sports for girls, the only extracurricular activity was to be a cheerleader, and they only picked three girls from the class to be cheerleaders. There was no girls basketball, no girls track.

After I graduated high school Title IX was passed which said that there had to be equal sports for girls and boys...