Beverly Doughty

As Interviewed by Henry Thompson, March 25, 2019

Beverly Doughty: In Her Own Words

The South was a little slower to move forward then the other parts of the county.

We had bought a new house the builder lived next door to us. There was a leak at the back door and the back door was well the living area was behind the backdoor it was carpeted -- and the leak came in and got the carpet wet so the builder was quite agreeable to repair and he took me out to a tiling company to pick out the tiles that would replace the damaged tile and it wasn't very big maybe a three-by-six foot area right at the door

Well the owner of the tile company after I had made the selection did not want to allow me to purchase it even though my builder was right there paying for it and my builder was right because my husband was not approving this. And that was shocking

I was denied the opportunity to purchase something because I was not a man.