Jane Regan

As Interviewed by Ronak Regan, April 19, 2019

Jane Regan: In Her Own Words

This is Ronak Regan interviewing Jane Regan about her life.

My nameís Jane Regan I live in Sarasota, Florida. Iím from upstate New York Iíve been married to my husband for 48 and a half years, two children, five grandchildren. Went to college twice for two different things. When I was growing up most women didnít have careers. My mother, she was a very independent woman -- she taught driving, she was the city council woman, so she did a lot of things that women didnít do in those days.

My mother and her twin sister, who were amazing pioneering type woman, they did so many really good things, and I donít think their gender ever held them back. They started a halfway house for people coming out of a mental institution so that they had a place to go to live until they could go out on their own. They started it, they ran it, they were president of it for years. And then other than that maybe my second grade teacher, just because she was my favorite teacher, and she was a great teacher.

So the first time I want to college I went to be a teacher and I donít remember any inequality cause even today most teachers are woman so I donít think that would be anything that would hold you back. When I went back to school for the engineering there were only three females probably in each of my classes. Two of which were older students like I was, and one younger girl. There might have been one more for the most part I donít think we were treated any differently. Probably the only incident I remember and it wasnít in a bad way, it was during a shop class so when we were working with machinery a lot of the younger guys would help us just because they knew more what they were doing than we did, not to treat us unfairly just to be helpful. Iím a pretty strong women, the thing is for me I donít let anybody tell me what I can and canít do. I make up my own mind what I think I can do.