Mike and Pat Holy

As Interviewed by Michael A., April 28, 2019

Mike and Pat Holy: In Their Own Words

Pat: During the Cuban Missile Crisis, when it was about 1962, we had just gotten married in August, and this crisis occurred on October 16th of 1962. We were told by television to pack a bag and have it by the front door, ready to leave at a moment’s notice if the sirens went off. That was really scary. So we packed a bag, and we had water, and food, and clothes in this bag, and we left it by the door for about a week. That Cuban Missile Crisis lasted 13 days.

Mike: Well, the Cuban Missile Crisis, they were trying to, the United States was trying to invade Cuba at that particular time. But to go back to “How did this affect me at a young age?” -- I remember that we would go into the school when we were probably six to ten years old, and they would get you under your desk, and you would put your hands over your head, in case there was a bomb. We did get married in 1962; the Cuban Missile Crisis, like Pat said, was in August of that year.

Pat: October.

Mike: October, excuse me. The church at that time, the Catholic Church, you would say the rosary. We were all praying that nothing would happen during the invasion of Cuba. They (The Russians) moved nuclear missiles into Cuba, which was 90 miles from the coast of the United States, and I know President Kennedy at that time; he wanted the missiles out of there because they were just way too close. So he and the Russians had talked at length about moving them out, but they wouldn’t move them out. They finally did -- they moved them out on I’m going to say the 26th to the 28th. We all, as Catholics, were saying the rosary, and I’m sure other people prayed at the same time that, you know, nothing would come of that.