Joel Hanna

As Interviewed by Carla F. M., May 14, 2019

Joel M. Hanna : In His Own Words

In a positive way, just in the Army overall was a lot of structure and purpose type so its very organized. You know what you are doing next it may be at times irritating, but it was very structured and had a good organization and taught you a lot of discipline, things of that nature like positive traits, like leadership.

Negative things, I think a little bit when you get out of the military itís like you lack that same structure in civilian life. It is a little bit difficult to transition from having every moment someone is telling you what to do or you know what youíre doing in every single moment of the day, basically, to having to think on your own and take care type thing

Two primary reasons; one it was something to get me out of home, get me away and have me try something new. Two; because my father is from Iraq so I felt like of all people -- being American and having a father from there or having a relative from there -- I should be involved in some way.