Ting Liu

Alex Zhou, March 24, 2019

Ting Liu:In her Own words

Do you think the US has a large amount of racism and sexism, a large amount of it?

Of course. We hear about it, I don't know how much amount I mean that;s hard to describe. The white supremacists, we hear about them and it happens in our schools and our society as well. In our university there things we hear about how people call other people names or write stuff on the door." Those kind of things your hear a lot only just because they are foreigners or immigrants/not documented.

There are a lot of things that's happened lately for the past 2-3 years. There is a lot of hatred speech and activities. You hear and you see in the news and the paper and also where we are in our environment. So yes there are racist and sexist people, probably it is going to be that forever. It's hard for them to change, some people just think that their race is better. Same thing with gender. They think their gender is better than other genders.

So it is hard to be diverse and inclusive, this is what we call a hot topic on campuses. Where we try to promote inclusive and diverse campus. Because Texas State is a Hispanic-serving institution. In our classroom you see a lot of diverse study body. As a professor we also need to go through the trainings. And, when we are lecturing, make sure we consider everybody's culture and background, not being be stereotypical or not being racist, not being sexist. And being very inclusive, I think this is very important.

As a program coordinator, I think working with the international students, our American students can interact with the international students -- [To] be able to learn each other's culture and where they are from -- to understand what diversity is really all about.