Zelalem Negash

As Interviewed by Nuhamin Dagmay, March 21, 2019

Zelalem Negash: In His Own Words

Today I will be interviewing Zelalem Negash about Ethiopian economy and how it affected him.

A factor that I think is affecting the economy is the government. Over the past couple of years there has been a lot of trouble in the Ethiopian government and the people. In theses years there was also a lot of corruption by the government which affected a lot of people’s life.

Zelalem lived in a poor street but he still was able to earn a really good education. Zelalem will refer himself and the people in his neighborhood as we.The main things that made the Ethiopian economy were farming and tourism. There are many sites in Ethiopia that are famous and very well know. Even with these things there was still trouble in the economy. I grew up in a poor neighborhood. every child focused on their education because they wanted to be able to give themselves and their family a better future.

The little things were the things that gave us joy.Like being able to buy a raw sugar cane. Getting a little piece of chocolate.We played outside and were very happy our problems did not really affect us we were still very happy. We all had many friends and always had fun. I remember kids buying jello in a corner store. I just stood there mesmerized that they could afford such and expensive treat. I understood that we were not able to do this, but I hoped one day I could be able to buy as many jellos as I wanted.

Zelalem now lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and daughter. He still thinks back to his life in ethiopia and is very grateful that he is here.


There was a lot of corruption in Ethiopia a couple of years ago. Now the people have gotten angry and things are changing.The new prime minister is making things better step by step. Right now it does not seem like there is a lot of change in the economy but we are all hoping that in a couple of years Ethiopia will be able to be more modernized and have a better economy. Things have been changing in the past couple of months and maybe Ethiopia and its people will have a better life.

All of our parents would push us to work hard and not give up. To get a good education to be able to do better things in life and have a good future. We all wanted to help our parent. We understood that they worked really hard to take are of all of us. Doing well and making them proud of us was a way we could pay them back.