Le Su Fang (translated by Peter T.)

As Interviewed by Edwin Tan, March 21, 2019

Le Su Fang: In Her Own Words

My name is Edwin Tan and I am interviewing my grandmother Le Su Fang on her experiences living in China right after World War II.

My name is Le Su Fang. My age is 80 years old. I was born in 1939. [The same year WWII began] I donít have a lot of memories from my childhood about World War II or the civil war in China that occurred soon after, but I do remember that there were air raids in my city at some point. My family and I ran to safe houses whenever they happened in order to be protected from these attacks. Sometime after the war ended, many government officials were prosecuted and disappeared in China in an event that is called the Cultural Revolution, organized by the corrupt leader of China at the time.

The government in China today is much better than the one from the Cold War era. It is my belief that the government is trying to end corruption from within and that they do care about the lives of all their people from big cities to small towns, even if it doesn't seem that way at times. The issue of overpopulation is not as big of an issue as it would seem, as the government is slowly repealing laws that had been trying to slow overpopulation, like the one-child policy being replaced by a two-child policy recently. The issue of pollution from the large population, while big, also isn't as big as it would seem, and the government is working towards making the pollution situation better.