Qijun Gu

As Interviewed by David Gu, April 30, 2019

Qijun Gu: In His Own Words

My name is Qijun Gu, I was born in China. My job is a professor. Before traveling to America, I went to Beijing University in China.

My school --

that was the best university in China.

I wanted to go to America because...

America has a better education.

Qijun Gu describes what heíll do in America.

Study, get a doctorate degree, 2001st I got my student visa to come to United States, 2005th I got my working visa to work in America. I have regular feelings, normal feelings because I prepared a lot, to know America before I came to America. Not crowded, for in China, we have 1.3 billion people and in America, we only have .3 billion people, so not crowded compared to China at all.

I went to Pennsylvania State University right after I came to United States. I didnít have any friends when I came. The first thing I did in America is to find a dorm so that I can live. An apartment, that's the place where I live. The apartment is in State College, Pennsylvania. I like where I live, the living condition is better than where I was living in China, in the dormitory of the Beijing University.

I got my first job in 2005 as a professor in the university, I graduate at 2005 with a degree of doctorate of philosophy. I got my green card in 2010. Iím not deciding that citizenship --

of America

-- yet because itís not essential to my living status here because to live here, I only need a working permit which green card can grant that. If I want to, I will get American citizenship but since I didnít decide yet so Iím not having that citizenship yet.

Getting a job, Iím guessing that was the most challenging part in America because before getting a job, you are just considered a visitor and there is more things need to be done than citizen or permanent resident. Most food I ate was cooked by myself which is Chinese style food. I moved to Austin because this is where the job is so I have to live somewhere close to my job location. I am happy be in America.