As Interviewed by Yahania M., April 1, 2019

Esperanza Martínez: In Her Own Words

I understand that no matter as hard as I try to learn this language, I will not have the same language as someone who has been raised here or someone who is a U.S. citizen, so it was really hard for someone to tell me: “Because of your accent we can’t hire you.” What makes me less because I have an accent, I believe even though I have an accent people can understand what I’m saying, and I believe I am capable of doing any job I want to as long as I try my best.

Which it made me feel really bad it made me feel wonder if it was even worth even trying other jobs because of getting the same answer I got -- “You are not eligible for this job because you have an accent, because you cannot speak perfect English.” I believe speaking two languages, being bilingual, makes you even more valuable because you not only can speak to people who speak English, but you can also help others.