Habib Khan

As Interviewed by Nassib Khan, April 19, 2019

Habib Khan: In His Own Words

Note “~” = the English pronunciation of some words

The India-Pakistan War in ah 1965 the… ~chasari this name ~chasari this coming for... the ~lahor he came for breakfast in ~lahor and 300 tanks come for an attack on Pakistan. And uh Pakistan’s president Ayub Khan. and uh calling. Everybody no? For him and he said “anybody wants a possible war then to come” and a lotta people come and catch the tank and all the tank wanna break it like put a bomb. So then the Pakistan army went inside for the India and after the Indian president (Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan) had a heart attack because this is different you see Pakistan is so small yet they catch and now everyone is caught by Pakistan not the other way around. So then India surrendered and all India like their tank all is finished and scraped.

After that India went back. Done. No more wars.

We weren't too close like by car was a 6hr drive to come to my place, my place was named S. W. A. T -- Swat (zamaswat). A little before my place like before Pakistan it was tight. But then happened Pakistan and we all came together the best way to call it was Swat Valley. Ayub Khan was about when 65 years came to him (swat) came in like 70 years.

Bangladesh came in and Benazir Bhutto and the president (at the time) was having a new election -- and Najib ran but Bhotto said “I'm not giving you Presidency” so then Bangladesh and Pakistan started a war in itself (Bangladesh was apart of Pakistan at the time) and India came to Bangladesh Because Najib Najib say “Come help me” so soon afterwards the Bangladesh and Pakistan separated

And in this India Kargil and the Pakistani army go and start like war and they went to India and they like took the Kargil -- and India went back no possible go inside again in Pakistani Kargil -- and then Shere Khan died then Pakistan took Kargil and America told Pakistan to give back Kargil. at the time was President Chaudhry and they gave it back and America told them to give it back so they did.