As Interviewed by L.A. Jones, April 14 2019

Costance: In Her Own Words

Le’Autre Jones interviewing Constance on racial profiling...

I have experienced a lot of social injustice discrimination growing up black, with black sons. One experience was: we were riding behind the police getting ready to turn on the street to my house, and as I pass I presume he spotted my black sons. After this assumption he follows me and pulls me over a few blocks down the road.

He claims that I don’t have a front license plate ,but I had a front license plate so he couldn’t ticket me for that -- but he ended up giving me a ticket anyway. Although I didn’t do anything for him to pull me over, he proceeds to ticket me. Remembering what my mom told me when I was young, I did nothing and followed what he said.

They assumed that I was doing something wrong when I was just going home with my kids. Also, when the pull us over and we’re stopped at the side of the road, they come right on the Side where my older son sits in the passenger seat of the four-door corolla -- and this was very weird and unusual. I thought that they might’ve been thinking he was a grown-up, but when they saw him they noticed he was a child. So they kind of let up a little bit.

When officers see a black man or black individual, most of the time a male, they think of them being aggressive or intimidating -- and that’s what happens a lot, and that’s why all these cops are shooting innocent black children... I'd like to thank you for letting me interview you.


[I don’t want to have to fear for my life every time I get pulled over. You don’t know if a back tail light not working can turn into a murder or brutal beating. There’s a lot of other experiences that have happen to me similar to this. I can go all day about these type of things -- this is specifically saying things need to change.]