David Robertson

As Interviewed by Kaden Williford, May 2, 2019

David Robertson: In His Own Words

My grandfather, David Roberson was in the Vietnam war. He decided that he didn't want to be drafted so he volunteered into the war to become a pilot. As he was about to become a pilot they found out he didn't have 20/20 vision.

So after he was rejected to be a pilot he became a plane scheduler and scheduled b-52 bombers. He really did like his new job. But nothing could compare to his dream to fly. Now that the war has passed my grandpa is retired and is doing great.

This is David Robertson talking about Vietnam draft and the Vietnam war.

That law -- laws take a while to change. So that was, it was a gradual withdrawal of military the draft was going to end and you knew that it was in the process of change it takes time for those things to get passed through Congress -- so it took awhile for me.

Where you scared of your kids getting drafted into the War?

That was a big concern nobody wants their boys to go to war itís a sad sad thing we have had many mothers and fathers lose their children, wifeís lose their husbands and itís just very sad. I think we learned something from the war, any of the assistants that we give I believe a little bit came out of it to not just feed the war effort over and over i think we learned that we take care of business and get out but it takes a while to get out we didnít just gradually get out our troops out like we are doing in Afghanistan but we are much more methodical about doing it these days.

Was anyone that you knew ever scared about Vietnam maybe coming to the US?

That was always a constant fear of any war. We have always protected our borders and there was always that fear of countries would retaliate us by attacking us on our one land -- and I personally and my friends were afraid of that and it wasnít as much of a fear as it is now, but it was still a fear.

Ok, let me ask you this -- so of course we went into the Vietnam War. Was there a reason to that?

In any war we are protecting our own. There has been a lot of wars that were fought over resources of another country -- and thatís what a war is usually about, resource. And even when we are supporting certain factions fighting other factions we are protecting innocent -- whether it be trying to maintain their democracy or guarding its famine, weíve fought for other countries a lot of times because of the terroristic government that have killed their own people and we have had a lot of that support.

Back then we had our F-15s that attacked. Their battles werenít as sophisticated but they had really intricate tunnels, their troops had tunnels where they could hide and surprise ground troops and the shear number of troops was an advantage. They were pretty vicious fighters -- they had lots of booby traps and landmines that our troops would step on or vehicle would roll over. Some of those things still exists today There was always that fear and always fear of ambush every ground war. There was even instances where our ground troops would have a fear of our own fighters dropping the bombs and get the coordinates wrong and drop the bombs in the wrong place that would actually kill and injure our own troops.