Sandra González

As Interviewed by F.T., April 25, 2019

Sandra Gonzalez: In Her Own Words

Hi, could you give me some background information about yourself?

Yes. My name is Sandra González and I was born in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. I'm forty six years old and I have been married for twenty three years. I have two sons, two brothers, and one sister.

Thank you. Could you describe an incident where you recognized a difference of treatment on account to gender?

Yes. For many years I saw how my dad abused my mom physically and mentally. I always felt that due to the fact that my mom was a women, my father abused her.

Thank you. Were there any articles, books, newspapers, films, etc. that influenced your thinking related to Women's Rights?

At Mexico, I used to read newspapers about men abusing women and that made me sad, but that gave me the strength to talk to my dad and ask him to stop.

Thank you and finally, were the responses to discrimination different depending on the gender?

Yes it was different because in my parents’ incident, my sister and I tried to fix everything by talking to my father, but my brother responded aggressively against my dad, and he defended my mom.

Thank you.