Angel Werch

As Interviewed by Zev Mellon-Werch, March 18, 2012

Angel Werch: In His Own Words

I worked [with Medical Bridges] from 2004 to 2008. That means I was a volunteer for 5 years. Medical Bridges is organization that contacts area hospitals, and picks up from them, surplus of all kinds. From small things, like needles, syringes, cotton, hospital beds walkers, X-ray machines, occasionally. All sorts of things, anything related to hospital care.

The stuff that gets picked up goes to a warehouse, divided in different sections, the warehouse. And so it can be picked up when you need them, donate them to hospitals in fairly poor countries, third world countries, and deliver, and donates it to them.

What I was doing is receiving, requests for donations from different hospitals, all over the world, and determined with them what their needs were, and specifically if they were interested in a specific type of thing You need to know that, most of the time time I got the same answer- they needed, everything. And they were very happy to talk to me, and me being a retired physician, it was easy to, sort of sort out their needs were. By the way, I was- you should know that I was the volunteer of the year, for 1 year. (laughs). There were several doctors that volunteered their time also.