Zhongcai Zhou

As interviewed by Warren Zhou, March 18, 2012

Zhongcai Zhou: In His Own Words

Childhood was fun, I played and grew up with a group of similar kids in the neighborhood, at that time my family didn't even have time and not even have electricity, but there was still a lot of fun. The school was fun, there was not a whole lot of homework, and every night we, several kids did homework together, so overall I think childhood is very fun.

Right now I work in Freescale, this is my second job, my first job is in Boise, Idaho, I work for Zilog, and in June of 2000 we moved to Austin and start work for Motorola and live here since then.

[Coming to America] was quite difficult, first of all I had to take several exams like TOEFL(Test of English as Second Language) and also GIE for graduate admission and after that I had to apply to graduate school and since I was not able to pay the tuition myself, so I have to get the scholarship before I can apply for visa, so it's quite difficult to do that

In childhood years, actually it's not difficult at all, because I live in a village and most of the people there, we all live in similar condition so we don't feel poor, and for kids, as long as you have food, life is fun. So, in early years it's not a problem, but later on when I get to the college, we start to see the difference because a lot of other students, they are from cities and they are in much better financial condition than I was. So yeah, in the college years it's kind of difficult because I kind of poor and have no money and it's a little bit hard.

In the early years I couldn't remember there was much difficulty because school was quite easy for me, so I pretty much just followed the standard path from elementary school to middle school than high school than gets to a college, actually it's one of the quite good college in China.

I feel yes the world is not equal, some people are born to well off families, and some are born to poor families, we just have to accept that, but one thing I'm pretty sure is, it is not necessarily true that rich people are happier than poor people, even poor people can have very happy lives.

I came to America to continue my education, and overall I want to seek a better life, to live a better life here.

I think that most important thing is, we have to set a goal and then pursue it persistently, I set a goal after I graduate from college, I want to come to US, and I pursue it for several years and I succeeded to come to the US.

I have sympathy towards the poor people, but again being poor doesn't mean the life is unhappy, so it just means sometimes you just have to worry a little more about your financial situation, but people can still live a happy life even if they are poor.

I do believe most people, they want to immigrate to US because they want to live a better life here, just like me.