Adolfo Alvarado

Luis Ramirez, March 17, 2012

Adolfo Alvarado: In His Own Words

I am Adolfo Alvarado and I come from San Luis de La Paz, Guanajuato. Beautiful place lots of mountains, and prairies. I have one brother and five sisters. We had a great time together. We worked our fields. We played with marbles, with the ball, traditional games, etc.

Every day was different we played a lot and had a lot of fun. [We worked] in agriculture. We had cattle. I remember Christmas and parties. There were a lot of pinatas, tamales, candy, and cookies.

[I came to the United States] in 1976, to Gilroy, California. I came through the mountains illegal. It was a terrible day because I was scared that immigration was going to catch me. Hiding in the mountains. I wanted a better life for my children.

In February 1976 [I] fenced a place. [I worked] a lot of jobs agriculture, farmer, and construction. As a farmer taking care of the animals, in the agriculture planting seeds and taking care of them.

I was treated well. I took care of my loved ones and played and run, as a teen I liked to go to parties, meet friends, I liked to ride on my horse, and pull pranks on others, I smoked and drinked.

LR: Did any of your children suffer from you not being there for their childhood?

Yes, they did suffer.

LR: Did you ever have any experience when you didnít have a job?
Yes, I did and those were horrible times. With no almost no food but still survived. I like the past a lot more because those times were calm and smooth.