Caroline Boudreaux

Interviewed by Christina Winbigler, March 22, 2012

Caroline Boudreaux: In Her Own Words

We had been working for a long time, about ten years. And we got sick of working so hard without any fulfilment. So we decided we wanted an adventure. We went on a trip around the world. Our goal was to chase summer. We went back to her house and put a world map on the floor and started picking countries. And she wanted to go to India because she had sponsored a child through an organization, and she wanted to meet him. And I told her, “Chris, he doesn’t exist. They’re stealing your money!” I didn’t believe it at first. But we went ahead and visited the child, and the organization did exist! But it was not a philanthropic trip. We didn’t mean to make the world a better place. That was not the intention at all.

We went and saw the little boy, and we thought we had met the poorest people in the world. He lived in a dirt house the size of an American bathroom, and he slept on the floor with six other people. And then one day, the director invited us over to dinner. They fed the poor, hungry children rice with sugar, then they fed us a luxury chicken. Then this little girl came and put her head on my knee, and she fell asleep in my arms. When I went to put her to bed, I saw they had these little wooden beds. And putting that starving baby on that wooden bed, I thought, “Man, somebody better help these kids!”

And that was the minute I created the Miracle Foundation.

We accomplished so much. We were in the rural areas, or the villages, checking them out to see if any of them needed our help. And I found a group of girls who have lost their fathers and mothers in a war. And they were so smart. They knew what they wanted to be, how many years of education they needed. So talented. But they had nothing, no money, no support, no real clothes. And I thought that is just a great opportunity! So we searched the hemoglobin in the children of the orphanage. Now, hemoglobin is the amount of iron in your system. and iron helps deliver oxygen to your brain. And if you don’t get enough oxygen, they won’t be able to study. So that’s the first thing we always check. And on this trip we visited seven orphanages. And we painted murals with them, and took them to the beach, which they’ve never been before!

Can you describe one of the orphanages?

It’s basically entirely made out of wood. And looks like it’ll crumble at any given moment. There is mold growing up and down the walls, and they had to board up their windows from snakes. Their beds were made of wood, and they had terrible clothing. But now look. They get an education, uniforms, full meals, health, mattresses, electrical devices, backpacks which they couldn’t have adored anymore, and clean water at last (shows some pictures).

*At the top of the gonga river, the rich wash, drink, and bathe. And at the bottom of that same river, poor do the same in dirty water. Causing diseases.

Every cent comes from small donations online to larger donations from companies. People want to help! They just need to know how. So everything depends on the caring of others. And what we’ve accomplished shows that people do care.