Juana G.

As Interviewed by Dylan Baldridge
"Sometimes, I will find out that one of my friends was undocumented, but they would never tell me."
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As Interviewed by Nicholas Manavi
"The fact that I put my papers to immigrate to the States; I automatically became the enemy of my own country."
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Jose Luis Aguilar

As Interviewed by Sonia Aguilar
"I don't know why we discriminate each other, if God made us equally."
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Mariah Rodriguez

As Interviewed By Rodrigo Vivar
"Pues yo digo que siempre traten de tener la familia unida. Que no se metan en problemas y si la gente a ya sin documentos, traten de agarrarlos. I say we always try to keep the family together. Do not get in trouble and if the people without documents, try to get them."
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Maria Gonzales

As Interviewed by Roberto Ramos
"We Mexicans are very hard working..."
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Alma R.

As Interview by Diego Hernandez
"Everyone is the same in the inside, and that’s all that matters."
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Mouin Fattouh

As Interviewed by Janette Fattouh
"[They] became a resident while I couldn't because I followed the law."
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Margarita Wolleben

As Interviewed by Rachel Wolleben
"We all come here with something already prepared for us to live, and that is to make this world a better place than the one that we found when we were already born."
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Agustin Morquecho

As Interviewed by Adina Morquecho
"Many places would not accept mexicans in their shops. Everything was still so racist.There are some things that you can change but most of the stuff is impossible to change."
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Norma Lopez

As Interviewed By Veronica Lopez
"You’re Hispanic. They don’t know where you’re from so they treat you differently."
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Veronica Castro De Barrera

As Interviewed by Bonnie Adams
"Little by little I was able to build beautiful friendships and I was enrolled in a class called ‘English as a second language’, which was a safe haven for all the immigrates and foreign language students who were participating in this class. So we become almost like an extended family in that class and that was beautiful years.."
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Rosa Hernandez

As Interviewed By Eduardo H.
"It was very helpful the choice of my parents bringing me here at a young age."
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Kamran Asdar Ali

As Interviewed by Raavi A.
"One has to be kind to others, irrespective."
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Peter Polgar

As Interviewed by Kaitlin P.
"I guess at eight years-old these things are more adventuresome than worrisome."
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Kristen Burnett

As Interviewed by Cameron Wynn
"The bombing around me was still going on until 1946. They shot at kids. They told kids do not pick up anything. They would plant pens and paper and crayons on the street so the kids could pick it up and it would explode in their face. We were told, do not, do not pick up anything."
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Janice Caroline

As Interviewed by Patrick Miller
"The economy was very, very bleak. The economy, I mean, pay would have been very minimal and my dad worked very hard."
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Anh Thomas

As Interviewed by Ryan Thomas
"I left Vietnam in 1975 with the last exodus of American soldiers."
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Tan Huynh

As Interviewed by Satvik Kolluri
"If you see videos and images of that last day -- where everybody was just going crazy, trying to climb onto the next US helicopter, plane, or ship -- we were part of that group."
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As Interviewed by Jose M.
"We do have a bit less freedom. First of all, it’s harder to get a job and I guess it’s also is harder to get a driver’s license. Those are the two things that bother me the most."
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Ricardo Garcia

As Interviewed by Christopher Garcia
"I could tell he did not like me for some reason. At one time he even asked me if I spoke English."
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Vicente Sanchez

As interviewed by Anthony Sanchez
"Freedom has a price that some pay dearly and never take it for granted."
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Mary Sonia Flores Taylor

As Interviewed by Jack LaWare
"We may come from different countries, but [when] we come to the United States, we are all just one; we're Americans. We should treat each other and love each other like Americans."
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Leonard Martin Martinez

As Interviewed by Arthur Martinez
"I think the Mexican people have contributed to this country and this state, and to our economy, and to our infrastructure. I think we ought to be open and allowing for them to come to this country."
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Leti Alvarez

As Interviewed by Madeline Jones
"Ever since I was young, I had the passion to help those who didn't have as great a voice as I do."
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As Interviewed by Jason
"I wish that the people who discriminate me would imagine themselves being in my shoes before they start discriminating me."
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John Zou

As Interviewed by Michael Zou
"Like most immigrants, I came here for a better life."
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Ricardo B. Lara

As Interviewed by Francis L.
"Even though, as a single person, you cannot change the entire country you can always turn a soul one by one and hopefully, you are able to affect more people and they will be able to affect more people and the entire nation will change."
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Angelica Ruiz

As Interviewed by Ariela Cantu
"There is a big difference living here rather than living in Mexico. Right now there is a lot of violence. The cartels are fighting over power, and the people living there are very insecure."
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Minh Phan

As Interviewed by T.N.
"Many Chinese were not welcome, so they didn't treat the Chinese very well. That was when we decided to go."
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Kerstin Somerholter

As Interviewed by Connor Somerholter
"I grabbed my camera and some money, told the doorman I was going across the street to make a call, and took a taxi to the West German embassy."
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Nada Gavrilov

As Interviewed by Nicholas Ray
"And when we came to Halifax. where we got off the ship, we were very happy. We were free."
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Jose N. Elias

As Interviewed by Jose M. Castro
"Do what you need to do first, then do everything else."
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Kiran Kheni

As Interviewed by Sarthak More
"I moved to the United States for my children's future."
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John Zou

As Interviewed by Michael Zou
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Guillermo Ortuno

As Interviewed by David Ortuno
"I came to America to work; I think that America is a country with many opportunities for immigrants who want to get ahead."
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Muralinda Rao Vavilikolanu

As Interviewed by Anusha V.
"Indian independence is a legendary struggle. There were many people who fought in number of ways against British rule."
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Maria Loera

Daniel Loera
"I am proud to be 100% Mexican."
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Jun Gao

As Interviewed by Amanda Xia
"We cannot understand their official reasons, but we must abide by the laws."
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Maissa Tizani

As interviewed by Akram Elhagehassan
"The biggest misconception about Islam is the media, and nothing else is giving us a bad name"
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Hanne Flora Katz

As Interviewed by E.R.K.
"I felt like I didn’t fit in a lot. This was World War II and I was German."
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Juan Francisco Blanco

As interviewed by Alex Phillips
"The Government imposes everything, this makes me feel so bad. They don't let you grow up, if the Government in Cuba was not like this, I would've never left my family. The Government in Cuba is the worst. Be proud of the American Government, they help you, and let you grow up."
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Zhongcai Zhou

As interviewed by Warren Zhou
"It is not necessarily true that rich people are happier than poor people."
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Nada Gavrilov

As Interviewed by Nicholas Ray
"When we got off of the ship, we were very happy. We were free, and we were free to work."
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Marta Gonzalez

As Interviewed by Kincaid Leonard
"My son, when he is 9 years, he immigrate here. I support him now at 18 year."
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Adolfo Alvarado

Luis Ramirez
"I come from San Luis de La Paz, Guanajuato."
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Shamsi Mokhtari

As Interviewed by Auva S.
"We are guests to the Americans. They shouldn't treat us like this. They should treat us like their guests. They should treat us the way they treat everyone else."
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Angie Montalvo

As Interviewed by Andrew H.
"...the first thing she told me was to take a shower and she said that my skin looked like kind of dirty so I felt sort of something bad. It was just my skin color."
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Stanislav Zabic

As Interviewed by Quinn Simpson
"So in this war situation, which I really wish nobody was in, you can either just lose your mind or you can try to find some life."
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Swati Sarda

As Interviewed by Yash Sarda
"Diversity needs to be celebrated, not dictated."
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