Emilio Zamora

As Interviewed by Sophie Wysocki
"We want to show that if you have the right subject matter, the teachers are well prepared and interested, the parents supporting, the children are going to become good learners and they’re going to be successful all the way through"
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Frances Elizabeth Valdez

As Interviewed by Ollin Morales
"The Debate right now is are we even going to get immigration reform, or whether immigration reform is dead."
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Juanita Smith

Noah Pastor
""I was told I could not do a certain project because I was Mexican""
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Iram "J" Leon

A survivor of hardship.
"The way it was explained to me was that your brain is kind of like your body so if you lose a leg its kind of going to be inconvenient but odds are as long as you move at the right accessory but the thing is that it isn't going to affect your lifespan but that someone has a whole lot less space."
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Ronbas A.

As Interviewed By Sanjana A.
"If someone cracks a joke on another clearly based on their color or how they look or what their race is, I think it’s definitely racism related issue, and I think it should be avoided at all costs."
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Constantin Manolescu

As Interviewed by Anna Tutuianu
"In our town, we had three grocery stores. It was a small town, with around sixteen thousand people, and they were selling eight packs of butter, every three days, for sixteen thousand people. They were cutting the pack of butter into twelve little bitty parts, and they were selling it as small cubes."
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Lois Kim

As Interviewed by Sylvia R.
"There was a kid down our street who would you know, kind of make Asian eyes with his fingers, and call us chinks, my sisters and myself, even though, of course we not Chinese and that’s a very derogatory term."
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Kin Chan

As interviewed by Daniel Chan
"'We really like your GPA and your interview, but because of your legal status, we cannot let you be an employee of our company.'"
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Gladys Washington Fernandez

As Interviewed by Franky Fernandez
"I don’t know if I want to see the Cuba that is destroyed right now compared to the Cuba that I knew. "
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Miriam Schumacher

As Interviewed by Jacob Greendyk
"The roads were big, the cars were big, the amount of food people ate was huge. It astounded me."
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Cyrus Reed and Rosa Maria Lopez

As Interviewed by Max Irby
"It was hard on all of us, especially my sons. If they ever got sick, or their grades dropped, I would be too far away to help them."
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Y. Rah

As Interviewed by Ashley Kim
"Sometimes not really racism, but people treats the way you look."
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As Interviewed by L K
"It’s always unfair, no matter where you are, when you don’t have opportunities. Whether it’s here, or Europe, or Middle East, or Asia, it’s always unfair if socially or economically you cannot do what you want to do."
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Rosa Maria L.R.

As Interviewed by Marcel L.R.
"...people were getting upset and ready to have a change. But, the change had a tremendous effect on the young people."
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Walter Hinojosa

As Interviewed By Erich M.
"People don’t realize that we are responsible for the child labor laws, that we are responsible for the 40-hour workweek and overtime pay. Those are things that the labor movement fought for years ago, along with some very decent salaries for many of our workers."
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Alice M.

As Interviewed by Hannah M.
"An Asian immigrant and a single mom is a combination of two negative attributes... I would go to the bookstore and I would not be served. I would go to a restaurant and I would not be served."
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Jeff Abel

As Interviewed by Annabelle Abel
"She moved here during the height of racial tensions in the 1960s, and, as a Filipino woman, she didn’t fit in with the predominantly white community or the black community."
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As Interviewed by H.F.
"We felt discriminated for being Hispanic people, and that should not happen."
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Selvi Shan

As interviewed by Francisca L.
"The best thing here is getting admissions to schools."
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Rene Vazquez

As Interviewed by Rene Vazquez
"I wanted to go to the United States to try to get a job because there’s not as many jobs and opportunities in Mexico as there is here in the U.S."
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John Ochoa

As interviewed by J.D
"...I was mad for a while but then I grew out of it and forgave the judge."
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Blanka Lipinski

As Interviewed by Yana K.
"I just didn't understand how people can be so polite with one person and so rude with another."
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Ariadna Luna

As Interviewed by Elena Venegoni
"We filed a paper and I have a U visa now because I was sexually abused when I was seventeen."
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Seok Cheng Ng

As interviewed by Brendan Lim
"[The] U.S. was like a big, huge fantasy land. Disneyland, branded Levi's, Nikes..."
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Richard Yu

As Interviewed by Jonathan Yu
"I think our immigration policy -- that is, our country -- at this point seems to say we don't want anybody to come here legally."
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Barbara Hines

As Interviewed by George Borowski
"For many people immigration is not a criminal issue its really a migration issue, people have migrated for years around the globe. People come for economic reasons, people come because of civil war, people come because of famine, there are many reasons why people come. People have always come to this country as immigrants."
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Jerry Kermit Southard

As Interviewed by Kendall Kucera
"They would march in formation and looked almost paramilitary in appearance. Interestingly, they wore khaki pants and shirts with white webbing belts and white helmet liners. They had KKK in red letters on the helmet, wore trooper boots, and actually showed their faces."
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