Pankil Matalia

As Interviewed by Ashna Bhansali
"The first thing that came to mind is that I forgive everybody in this process."
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Ranjana Natarajan

As interviewed by Ronan Rolston
"I think that the power of the state sometimes to detain people, and to deprive people of their physical liberty, that's a very awesome power, and it needs to be constrained and very limited."
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Mary Grace Dromi Hume

As Interviewed by J.V.
"And it was a melting pot, they called New York a melting pot and it was. And it was kind of neat. You really did meet all these different cultures. Though you didn’t know it then, you kind of absorbed it."
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Mr. Hung Hua

As interviewed by Ananya Venkateswaran
"My parents were business people, so our family was classified as one of the worst citizen class in the country."
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Elsa García de Mendoza Corona del Rosal

As Interviewed by Emma Zuckerman
"In some stores, there were bathrooms for whites and black bathrooms for blacks. This also was ridiculous."
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Fernando Velasco

As interviewed by Julia Veri
"But the biggest reward is when I get letters from people, even if they didn't get a scholarship, letting me know that whatever we did here, at the club, it changed their life."
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Nayan Patel

As Interviewed by Anya Parag
"Discrimination was almost part of the day to day culture. Although we live in 21st century, even in today’s day and age you'll find areas where there's a lot of racial tension over there and you kind of just get used to it."
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Jackie Ortega

As Interviewed by Emma Galbraith
"They were basically working as slaves, they worked their butts off, but they didn’t get paid at all, so it was really injustice."
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Robert C.

As Interviewed by Juan Ceresa
"I was born in Cuba, and this is the first time I have left Cuba, so I have lived there for my whole life. My childhood in Cuba was like any other childhood in Cuba, an education that was strictly controlled, that was heavily influenced with politics. This was not unusual with his generation, those who were raised out of the 1970’s. "
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Hubert Tien

As Interviewed by Cora Tien
"The language, first and foremost, was the biggest barrier."
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Elizabeth C.

As Interviewed by Alex Barrera-Waters
"Is your fight to stay in the country where you’ve built a life and where you’ve had children who are US citizens? Is that your country?"
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Tony Shi

As Interviewed by Madelene Shi
"I was waiting outside the restaurant and suddenly, a pickup truck pulled over and stopped right in front of me. Kids opened the window and yelled at me, 'Why dont you go back to Asia!' "
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Vinai R.

As Interviewed by Maddy Pollack
"Even if they look different, they speak different, most people are good people."
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Maria del Carmen Ortiz

As Interviewed by MM
"I never thought that was possible, you know, coming again from a large family with very, very little, few resources."
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Deliana Garcia

As Interviewed By Eli Walther
"I think that the smartest thing that has ever been told to me is that water ducks back. This means even if people are being mean and/or unfair in life you can't let it faze you, you have to keep fighting for what is right"
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Julian Chang

As Interviewed by Aidan Chang
"There is still continual prejudice out there, and I don’t think it’s on purpose. It’s just that it seems like Asian-Americans are viewed differently than other minorities in the U.S."
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Bhupen A.

As Interviewed by Avik A.
"I remember the last week when I was in India. I was thinking, will I ever see this environment again, those friends and neighbors I pretty much grew up with? That never happened. Time doesn't stop for anybody. "
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Phillip A. Carinhas

As Interviewed by David Carinhas
"There were areas of poor people living in what we would call, slum type conditions..."
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Jonathan Mendoza

As Interviewed by Carl Svahn
"I think that just tells us that in spite of our differences, in spite of the locations we inhabit, we’re all part of the same household. We’re all truly brothers and sisters."
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Dr. Binh Truong

As Interviewed by Patrick Connor
"This is a wonderful country, it's a big country, has lots to offer and I still have not had the chance to see all of it, yet. ...This is the best country I could ever be in to raise a family, so many opportunities and resources available, I didn't take it for granted at all."
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Isabel Alejandra Hamlet

As Interviewed by Abby Rindfuss
"Its this dichotomy, like I am Mexican, and I still cook Mexican, and we speak Spanish in the house, and we do all these things that are very Mexican, but I am an American because this is where I can vote- I am part of this community."
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Guillermina Ayala

As Interviewed by: Adelynn L
"I just feel like here in the United States, it's more transparent, that people do more, and people get involved more, in order to help others."
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Jan Ludvig

As Interviewed by Max Adrian Schmidhauser
"People were being shot in the streets. The Russian soldiers made a circle with tanks around the plaza. One of the Russian soldiers took out a machine gun, and there were a whole bunch of Czech people yelling at the tanks telling them to go home and that the Czech people didn't want them here. The young Russian soldier with the machine gun emptied his whole clip into the crowd of people, murdering dozens."
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As interviewed by Eli Hanser-Young
"Right now, how things are, they could get deported any time -- especially my dad. "
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Gloria A. Garcia

As interviewed by Valentina G.
"I remember asking kids sitting next to me, ‘What is the teacher saying? What is she saying, I don’t understand’ -- and the teacher would snap and say, ‘Remember, you’re supposed to be speaking English!’"
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Robert Tran

As Interviewed by Nicholas B
"Just to let you know, USA is the best country in the world."
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Bones Macias

As Interviewed by Kaitlyn M.
"Working on the fields picking pickles, picking tomatoes from sun up to sun down, at 7am to 7pm, every day except for Sunday, was hard work -- and we knew we didn’t want to do that the rest of our lives."
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Pedro Sanchez

As Interviewed by Manuel Sanchez
"In my personal opinion, I think the system is broken, and I don't know how they're going to fix it."
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Jennifer Long

As Interviewed by Nathan Mangibin
"We should treat everyone with justice, and everyone humanely, and everyone the way we would want to be treated if we had to flee our country and go to another country. "
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As Interviewed by Lila B
"My parents were born in South Africa, but my ancestors are from Lithuania and moved to South Africa. I was lucky enough to live in a place that was really beautiful."
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Shakeel Abdulla

As Interviewed by Aalim Abdullah
"I came to the U.S. with 100 dollars in my pocket."
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