Juan Zalles

As interviewed by: Alex Zalles
"The hard part about culture shocks is that you don't know when you're going to run into one"
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Diya Liu

as interviewed by Dian Liu
"There�s actually a lot of racism, subtle or not so subtle, on a daily basis, whether people want to admit it or not."
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First Hand History Interview with Nils Juul-Hansen

By Ian Juul-Hansen
"In America, everything is very big, very expressive. In denmark, less is more in Denmark, but here, more is less."
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Ramon Morejon

As Interviewed by Alisha Morejon
"We talked about being in the army, but we weren't prepared. No one's prepared for that."
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Diya Liu

Dian Liu
"There’s actually a lot of racism, subtle or not so subtle, on a daily basis, whether people want to admit it or not."
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Elaine FabichJewart

As Interviewed by Helen Jewart
"From Hamburg, Germany, they sailed to the United States and came in at Ellis Island."
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Enma Anderson

Interviewed by Felix Maples
"It was a whole different culture and i didn't have my family with me."
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Bakery Zoumanigui

By:Laurel Schultz
"We have all this technology all the resources we have smart people, you know, but people get so caught up with their beliefs and convictions,that it's hard to break that and be like hey let's have a civilized conversation about this. "
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Alison Lin

As Interviewed by Erin Lopez-Lin
"You need to speak up for how you feel and it's going to be a slow process before anything can change, but just voice your concern and fight for your right. "
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Sara Villanueva

As Interviewed by Josephine Wilson
"And the people there are like, "Wait a minute. You can't take our houses, and our money, and our culture too! and our food, and our music." They feel like it's being watered down, because people are taking on their culture, that are not even for the culture."
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Elaine Cohen

As Interviewed by Lena Birkholz
"If I am an artist, then I am an activist"
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Dr. Ben Warner

As Interviewed by Ella Glasscock
"...we're wired to be suspicious of people who are different...[we] like safety and security...we don't like being forced into adaption..."
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Gabriel K. Tsang

As Interviewed by Zachary Lee
"In my life, I really experienced the hatred, the poor, the suffering, and no future."
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Alba Melgar

As Interviewed by Miguel L.
"Through the language you can know different cultures. And when you know different cultures you realize that other people is like you."
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Ahmed Chibib

As Interviewed by Henry Chibib
"We used to take 10% of the olive oil as commission and that was basically our source of income."
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Sandra Ramirez

As Interviewed by Liam Langert
"If I could change one thing, I think that everybody who is active and has a positive influence and is contributing into this country should be able to be a U.S. citizen."
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Marta Sanchez

As interviewed by Orlando Mora
"Yes I do have a specific situation that I can still remember about after I got my GED, I started going to college, and I remember my English teacher in one time in the class. She was saying that Hispanics or Mexicans weren't smart enough to continue college. That we all were doing good only flipping burgers and working in the fields, that made me feel very sad and angry because that is not true. We as Hispanics do believe we are smart enough to continue college and have a degree. As white people or any other race."
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Ana M.R.

As interviewed by Jack k
"I do wish they would make it a little easier on the people that actually want to work and actually are productive."
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Tania Edith

Interviewed by Eddy Leon
"The government does a big change in the world."
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As Interviewed by Dito M.
"I understand much more and I know now that those are problems that those people have. They're not mine. I see them as people who are ignorant."
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Sanjay Patil

As Interviewed by Yash Patil
"The law says that if you employ an immigrant they should be payed equal prevailing wages that a company would have payed to an American. But that rarely happens."
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Nancy Fares

As Interviewed by Shreya Ramanathan
"I feel that girls think that they’re offending others by being smart and that they need to dumb themselves, and we need to stop ourselves and others from doing that. "
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Elissa C. Steglich

As Interviewed by Dhruv Ruttala
"Our detained clients in particular just are so thankful to have us helping"
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John S.

As Interviewed by Alex S.
"My parents had plenty of opportunity for low level jobs, lots of opportunities. People were open. If you did what you were supposed to do you really make friends here. Americans are very open."
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Sandra Logodice

As Interviewed By Andrew Barre
"...Because of my accent people were not so acceptable of me they did not consider me one of them.""
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Ruth Tovar

As Interviewed by Joanne Parada
"Racism is unfortunately part of a lot of people’s cultures. It’s the reason when there’s a brown person passing by or a black person passing by; people will lock their doors, and women hold their purses tighter."
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Thea Luong

As Interviewed by Leo LeFebre
"We left Vietnam because my parents believed in capitalism, and not communism, they believed that one should have the freedom to be free to pursue and work hard and be able to reap the reward of your efforts."
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Larry G.

As Interviewed by Ailsa Grieve
"...people are immigrating to the United States, because they see it as an opportunity. They want to come here to work, to try and better themselves."
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Kab-hue Lee

As Interviewed by Jean Lee
"Even though we mourn the dead, we must move on in our lives."
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Peter Liu

As Interviewed by Emily Wang
"For some other countries, they can do that, but not for the Chinese people."
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Shelly Molina

As Interviewed by Valeria O.
"I think the good news is that we're reaching an age where you can see a lot of successful Russian adoptees and other international adoptees because they are now becoming adults. People are able to see that they are functioning adults. And the more they see that, the more the stigma goes away. "
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Maria Elena Dominguez

As Interviewed by Cristal Martinez
"...I decided to attend just to learn more about it because, she was undocumented and she was going to college and I wanted to do the same!"
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Atiq and Amina Khan

As Interviewed By Zayd Vlach
"Sometimes Saba would get down from the bus and she would be crying.... She was the only brown child in that school ."
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Bernard Manirakiza

As interviewed by Abigail Goff
"Coming from a third world country, we think of America as a rich country. We think everybody is rich and fancy. We think about all the tall skyscrapers. I went to school in small town called Abilene in west Texas. I was shocked! I couldn't believe that this was America. I thought they lied to me, this is not America."
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Salai Tun Than

As Interviewed by Yati P.
"If I told you my whole story it would take years!"
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Jung An

As Interviewed by Emily W
"They didn't say where you come from? What year? What age? They didn't ask me like that. They just looked at me up and down."
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Leigh Gath

As Interviewed by Sophia Heinzen
"When I lived in Texas I actually got arrested when I protested outside the Governor's mansion when George Bush was Governor."
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Annabelle Trabanino

As Interviewed by Javi K.
"We believed in our cause."
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Barbara Hines

As Interviewed by S.S.
"So you'll hear people say: 'Well, why don't they just get in line?' There's no line for these people to get in to."
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Norma Sierra

As Interviewed by Anthony Perez
"I was also proud because my children are going to be born here, in America."
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