Jianmei Wu

Crystal Ying
"I don't understand why he treated the other neighbors so differently from us."
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Frank Zhu

As interviewed by Emma Chu
"At that time, all I dreamed was to be a true scientist, so I didn’t care where to go, or which environment. I just wanted to go to the best place to study."
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David Berwald

As interviewed by Abbey Stein
"They were viewed as an inferior people. They became a scapegoat for other people. I’ve always viewed it that any person who looks down on other people is wrong. I’ve accepted everybody and I try to be nice to everyone. "
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Jim Li

As Interviewed by Jeffrey Li
"Even though we were poor at that time, we had very good teachers and a very good school..."
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Lilian Dubon

As Interviewed by Gabriel Keller
"We knew either we were gonna be dead, like somebody would've killed us, or we were gonna get involved with gangs."
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Diana Condra

As Interviewed by Corbin Keller
"They were just people trying to make a living"
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Rina Ferrarelli

As Interviewed by Maggie Provost
"It took us five years."
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Mohamad Elhagehassan

As Interviewed by Ali Elhagehassan
"I remember I came here with only 300 dollars."
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Kate Thephavithy

As interviewed by: Sophia Pannell
"I remember I was able to walk so we walked for a long time and we almost got caught and if we would've got caught we would've been shot and killed."
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Martha Cotera

As Interviewed By Samantha Cotera
"I learned ... that once you get put in a bottom group, it’s very hard to catch up."
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Atis Jurbergs

As Interviewed by Alexander Jurbergs
"I remember one day it got so bad I just walked home in the middle of the day."
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Habibe Erkan

As Interviewed by Begum Erkan
"It's a little challenging at times the hardest thing when immigrating is leaving my family and friends behind so I gradually lost contact with my friends."
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Jolan Hsieh

As Interviewed by Sophie Lee
"Continue to walk, continue to talk, continue to do what you believe."
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Abeye Teshome

As interviewed by Leelai Teshome
"Immigrating to America and leaving my home was an adventure for me. "
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Samantha Tran

As Interviewed by Jon T.
"...there was a curfew so no one could go in and out at all and you could see the light, the red light and fire from the bombing. "
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Anuradha Rao

As Interviewed by Divya Rao
"We all knew that the US pays well and it was like, say for the same job, in India you would get paid one tenth or one twentieth of what you got paid. I was earning $300 out there and I came here and for the same job, I was getting paid $3000."
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Jerry Barbosa

As Interviewed by Jordan Birnbaum
"And being a foreigner, you have to work twice as hard to succeed."
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Mirriam Seddiq

As interviewed by H.F
"These are people that have a right to be in this country, they have green cards. They've been in this country for ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty years. They have jobs, they have houses, they have kids. They weren't letting them come in, they were sending them back on planes."
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Marinella Temprosa

As Interviewed by Jay Campanell
"I was 11 years old when she left and she told me that I had to take care of the family."
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About Madhu K.

As Interviewed by Anika K.
"I was still a twenty one year old who moved here and was trying to figure out my place in the world."
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Debra Jean Lancaster

As Interviewed by Abigail Sanders
"That was his largest struggle, and just living in the fear everyday of being caught and having to go back, to being deported."
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Ram Mohan Balachandran

As Interviewed by Nina Balachandran
"I think in an ideal world, people getting advanced degrees from foreign countries should be automatically allowed to be able to migrate to the U.S."
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Barea M. Sinno

As Interviewed by Dylan Bickley
"You no longer identify with the people that you lived with, but you also don’t really identify with the people in the host country."
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Patricia Friar

As Interviewed by Flynn C.
"When I was doing things for the refugees, I felt happy. I was glad to be helping them, and I felt very lucky that I didn’t have to go through the same things they were going through."
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José Eduardo Pérez Gómez

As Interviewed by Hannah L.
"It’s a tremendous risk to come here."
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Rebecca Liu

As Interviewed by Irena Li
"There is discrimination everywhere you go, but now we are fighting for it to end. "
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Tina Zhang

As Interviewed by Michelle Lu
"I like to stay here, and there are a lot of opportunities in here, and I just feel I’m happy to live in US."
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Duong Nguyen

As Interviewed by Thanh-Lan Nguyen
"When you in the open sea on a small boat, you risk your life and a storm - even a small one - can sink your boat and your life."
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Mark Ramon

As Interviewed by Sofia Ramon
"Racism, discrimination, it’s not a black or a white or a brown thing -- it’s really just about any group feeling confused or worried about something new"
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Karen Crawford

As Interviewed by Aviva Shaevel
"Most people who immigrate to the United States really love their countries and really love their cultures and have all their family -- and if they could stay there, they would."
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As Interviewed by AJ Y.
"In America that if you really want to do something, you can do it. You have the opportunity, if you work hard, you will achieve what you want. And that is a fact. "
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Raymond Perez

As interviewed by William Yang
"Back then, when my mom went to the United States for work, I didn't really have an easy way to communicate with her, so we wouldn’t hear from each other for months."
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Steven K.

As Interviewed by Ethan K.
"And also, to apply the scholarship, I also needed to be able to pass certain English exams..."
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Dianne Schultz Smith

As Interviewed by I.B.
"I always wanted to be able to vote."
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Ileana Armengol

As Interviewed by Logan Abounader
"We were always talking low voice, making sure none of the neighbors were listening."
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Kazinga Kisabi

As interviewed by Caylee Rincon
"You can walk here to a certain distance you are tired you can sleep in a bush, and in the day you wake up and continue the journey and then when you are tired you can just sleep in a bush just like that."
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Bella Comer
"My manager, the one who was supposed to be looking out for me, was taking advantage of me."
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Juanita Flores - Smith

As Interviewed by Zarqa Fatima
"Discrimination is part of the fabric of many Americans at the time, and even now it is still part of the fabric of some Americans..."
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Jade Morrison

As Interviewed by Amelise M.
"I was treated differently many times."
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Lei Wang

As Interviewed by Karly Shi
"Since you have to move on, you can choose either to be motivated or discouraged; because you cannot go back."
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Lina Padegimaite

As Interviewed by Rishi R
"The small here would be like a large back home. I mean, the size difference is huge -- and if you go to a restaurant, it's the same thing, like if you order a portion at a restaurant here versus back home. "
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Carmen Selvera

As interviewed by Mateo Selvera
"I never did fight for rights, I never did call discrimination, I didn’t do any of that I just tried prove myself and work a little harder or look for a place that I thought would be better for me..."
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Ajay Ramji

As interviewed by Manu Singhal
"I knocked at our neighbors and I was like ‘ I don't know how to use the fire extinguisher, can you help?’ And then she was like ’ I don't know either!’"
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Maciej Stoszko

As Interviewed by Milosh S.
"Many times I was wondering what it would be if I stayed in Poland, but you know I could always go back. And I could just pack my bag and decide, hey this American adventure is not for me, I don't care much for it and I could just go back."
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Marylene Palard

As Interviewed by Zachary Vasseur
"Speech is a kind of traitor. It’s something that identifies you and you can’t hide from it. You are utterly dependent of your accent."
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Yolanda Ocañas Argüello

As interviewed by Jaxie Niles Argüello
"Everybody was a stranger to me."
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Gopalsamy Ramaswamy

As Interviewed by Pallavi Gokul
"I was straight away, on the basis of my caste, denied admission."
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Mariem Fisher

As Interviewed by Adam Fisher
"America is a symbol of freedom"
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