Khuloud (Lulu) Hussain

As Interviewed by Olivia Grace Young
"It is Islamically illegal to hang out with a guy that isn't related to you, which is hard."
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Candace Birkelbach

As Interviewed by Anita Iyer
"I really hope that that it’s possible [for there to be no discrimination]...I think it’s kind of like racism or any kind of bias that people have: it’s never going to go away completely because you can’t control the way everyone thinks, but I think that there’s definitely a lot of things we can do to work towards ending it or reducing it."
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Sarah Weddington

As Interviewed by Samuel Swafford
"I think young people have the energy to take on and solve those issues that are there. I would say, please think about where you can leave your thumbprint."
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Sean and Yuko C.

As Interviewed by James Caras
"I felt that it was either because I was Japanese or I was a woman. I think the guy at the other shop thought I was under-educated and so I would pay that much. "
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Margie C. Costa

As Interviewed by Neel Rao
"I could contribute, in a small way, to the empowerment of an educated woman. So she gets financial independence and, more importantly, she can recognize her true potential."
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Juanell Matthews Garcia

As Interviewed by Matthew Garcia
"Work hard and prove to everyone that you are good."
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Pat W. Maples

As Interveiwed by Bruno A. Maples
"I feel like the gap in salaries between gender in this country is disgraceful."
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Judy R. Hodgson

As Interviewed by Reed Rogers
"I guess the biggest hero and most influential was Martin Luther King, Jr."
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Ayan Ismail

As Interview by Margeaux Brown
"The social injustice in Somalia was horrendous."
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Lori Wasserburger

As Interviewed by Nellie J.
"So maybe that’s my personality, maybe it was the way I was raised, but I don’t think I was ever afraid to be different. And as a matter of fact, I kind of liked being different."
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Debbie Odom

As Interviewed by D.W.
"I was tougher than that. Words don't bother me."
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Suzanne Cloke

As Interviewed by Ransom Cloke
"When I first came here, they said, "Are you ready for the 8th of March?...It is Woman’s’ day, it is the night all the women can go out!" And I just about started laughing; I thought you can go out any time."
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Norma Barr

As Interviewed by Sarah P.
"I wanted to find out, how did the women back in the late seventies, early eighties, achieve a high level within their organization when there was a clear, discrimination against them?"
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Marie Evans

As Interviewed by Aidan E-S
"I wanted women to be able to govern their own lives, have their own bank accounts, and be independent people."
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Morrokat Sornnarin

As Interviewed by Amelia N.-C.
"I had to do laundry for everybody in my household, and that was my mom, and my four older brothers. And then I had to wash all of the dishes that everyone had, when my family had lunch or breakfast or dinner, so I was the dishwasher, and I have to clean my house, and wash and mop the floor, and I had to clean the bathroom, so usually on weekends, that was kind of my main working day at home on the weekends, and I had to iron everybody’s clothes, too, after I’m done with their laundry, so usually I would be done by 2-3 pm on Saturday, starting at around 8:00 in the morning."
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Julia Bednar

As Interviewed by Erik R.
"Women can do anything they want to now, but there's a price to that. There's a price to everything."
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Chrissie C.

As Interviewed by Jared R.
"I think just by working hard and working with other females in the industry that, that was my contribution to try to have females respected."
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