Jennie Haywood

As Interviewed by Sanjay Pandiri
"If you go by the social convention, then you will never get anywhere."
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Linda Gillan Griffin

Interviewed by Charlie Gillan
"I had was an $18 creative writing course and I was able to work that into a career."
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Pauline Michno

By: Kenichi N.
"Women need to continue to be assertive, be knowledgeable, continue to prove their value, and know their product better than anybody else, male or female."
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Deborah Nations

As Interviewed by James K.
"CEOs need to realize that by not leveraging women at leadership levels, or throughout the organization, they're really only leveraging half the population."
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Karen Liu

Megan L.
"If a Taiwanese women married a foreigner, their children cannot be Taiwanese because the mothers don't count."
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Paula Silvar : In Her Own Words

As Interviewed By: Sergio Flores
"[My husband] put his machete to [my son's] throat and I couldn't say anything. I couldn't do anything. As a woman, one was only supposed to obey the man. I never talked back to my husband because he said that if I left his side or talked back, he would hurt my family and I."
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Nancy Watson

As Interviewed by Jacob W.
"Just going to big university and then traveling, living out of state for a few years it just really shows you what’s different."
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Linda Tyler

Garrett V.
"I told my mother I wanted to be a minister, and do you know what she did? She laughed."
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Jeana Lungwitz

As Interviewed by Willa Scanlon
"My clients are my heroes. They can withstand amazing odds. These people are amazing to me."
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Deena Kalai

As Interviewed by M.W.
"For me, the important part of what I do is the word ‘choice’: that people can make their own decisions."
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Cynthia de las Fuentes

As Interviewed by Ashley Armstrong
"There are movers and shakers in all fields, but the real work is done by the ordinary person in their everyday lives. It is just by the choices that we make everyday. If we have the choice to make something better for women, for ourselves, for each other, whether we’re going to turn off a light as we leave a room, that is a social justice action. It is the everyday act of the ordinary person that makes a difference in the world. "
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Suzanne Plummer

As Interviewed by Alex Clark
"I don’t think I have gone through a day where someone hasn’t made a comment or side remark about me being a woman."
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Lynne Prater

As interviewed by Ellis Prater-Burgess
"Well, I wanted equality, and I wanted fairness with credit and jobs; I think I wanted what every woman wants today. So it really hasn't changed much; I wanted what’s equally right for a woman that a man has or anyone else."
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Miriam Schumacher

As Interviewed by Jacob Greendyk
"The roads were big, the cars were big, the amount of food people ate was huge. It astounded me."
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Lisa Kott

As Interviewed by Ian Jenson
"This war is so much different from other wars because our enemy is less defined. Whoever wins over the locals, wins that area; so it’s about showing the locals that we are there to help, not hurt, and that it’s better to trust us than the Taliban because they have to choose."
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Patricia Schiaffini

As Interviewed by Jenny Lu
"There’s always this issue of not only tradition versus modernity, but also your own culture versus the imported culture."
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Alice M.

As Interviewed by Hannah M.
"An Asian immigrant and a single mom is a combination of two negative attributes... I would go to the bookstore and I would not be served. I would go to a restaurant and I would not be served."
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Martha Par Harrison

As Interviewed by Dodie Robison
"The church wanted the women to stay at home and take care of the kids. It was not expected of us to go get a job or support our family with income."
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Carolyn Nelson

As Interviewed by Aldo O.
"They wanted me to withdraw my requests, and I said no. I wanted to force them to tell me no."
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Deborah Megehe

As Interviewed by Travis Eaves
"During my first duty stationed at BT 21, my supervisor, who was a male, felt very strongly against women, and we knocked heads."
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Jeanine Francis Lucas

As Interviewed by Elena Humphreys
"I would say that most of my friends were women. I had one good male friend. He didn’t tease me like some of the other men did."
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Marilyn McCluskey

As Interviewed by Abigail D
"When you’re young, if you really want to do something, you should try and do it, because as you get older, it’s much harder to do what you might want to do."
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Yolanda O. Torres

As Interviewed by Elisabeth Torres-Schulte
"They understood that I was one of the top students and that I was very involved in school, but they still said, ‘You know, the local junior college is a good place for you to go.’"
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Jennifer Greene

Marcel G.
"There’s a lot of unfairness out there and we’re working to try to make the world more just, we’re working to make people more comfortable to come forward when they've become a victim of a crime, we’re working to try to have people become more aware of what crimes there are."
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John Ramsey

As Interviewed by M.R.
"If you have to build a workforce, you are stupid if you limit yourself to a small percentage of the population, leaving out half the people and women."
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Mary Jo Myles

As Interviewed by Emma Fosdick
"Back in those days, they didn’t want people, like the children on the Pediatric Ward, to see a pregnant lady -- which was crazy."
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Wilhelmina Delco

As Interviewed by Fiona C.
"I wasn’t the first African-American to run, but I was the first elected."
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Lori Striegler

As Interviewed by Niamh Gracie
"I believe women should have the power, I believe that you know, a woman should never rely on a man to take care of them."
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Parul Desai

As Interviewed by Elan McMinn
"I don’t have a dowry, but I have a degree."
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Melissa Nicholson

As Interviewed by Dani Levy
"We cannot be ignored. We cannot, as women, be overlooked."
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Cheryl Bell

As Interviewed by Spencer Bell
"While women have been given more opportunities and more responsibilities, equal pay has still not been achieved, regardless of what legislation requires."
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Barbara Vackar

As Interviewed by Jackson Woomer
"I was appalled that anybody would be against ERA. It made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever."
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