Sabrina De Veylder-Pahwa

As Interviewed by Iago A.
"Everybody who is aware of it and who has experienced something, or maybe who has somebody who went through something like that, speak up, and take action."
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Anahita Jalilvand

As Interviewed By Saffron Liu
"I think now, because there’s more women entering into this medical field, a lot of women are now having to deal with things like the fact that . . .they’re treated differently."
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Jean Cleary

As Interviewed by Samantha M.
"And one I can mention is that a provision in the administrative manual allowed my employer to terminate my employment if I became pregnant."
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Roberta Cogswell

As Interviewed by Elliott Sorensen
"Anybody who wanted to serve their country would sign up!"
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Kaye Larson

As interviewed by Mia Larson
"I had never had a uniform in my life, whereas boys had uniforms from the beginning."
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Raj Chhajed

As Interviewed by Advika Sharma
"People would say, 'They are just girls, what would they do with an education?'"
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Erin Martinson

As Interviewed By Caroline Crosnoe
"I'm motivated by the injustices that I see in our society, the patriarchal undertones of our society and how women often don't have a voice."
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Linda Clarke

As Interviewed by Isabella Trejo
"I was doing more, as far as pressure goes. I was outperforming them, but they would get more money because they were male"
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Young, pregnant and alone

As interviewed by Isabella Munoz
"" The only thing that was running in mind is that i have to tell my parents they're going to be dissapointed" - Leslie Weaver"
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Corinne Sumpter

As Interviewed by Franny Thompson
"They decided to step in and make decisions for women like 'you must leave your husband, boyfriend, whatever.'"
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Brenda Fine

As interviewed by Kadin Fine
"It wasn’t natural then even for the women the inequality of gender not just women. Because of course there are male nurses. Back when I was that age women were supposed to be nurses, so it's equality for both men and women. "
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Judi Ferguson

As Interviewed by Ella G
"Now a days that’s all you see, you don’t even see dress uniforms anymore."
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Linda Allison

As Interviewed by Porter Gregg
"The request had to go all the way to the district office for consideration. Because then, shop wasn’t viewed as an appropriate elective for girls. Her request was approved, and she was, as a result, the first girl in one of the largest school districts in Saint Louis, Missouri, to take a shop class. "
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Caprice Pierucci

As interviewed by Bella B.
"I always think of art as being something that is between your hands, your mind, and your heart, like writing a journal: Hands... Mind... Heart.... There's a connection. When you're using hands, it's easier to be in touch."
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Dr. Shari Stern

As interviewed by Lyssa Lashus
"From your perspective it seems like gender equality, like a switch: was not there and then it was. But actually it was a real slow process with a lot of different people."
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Sharon James

As interviewed by Kai Suggs
"Then he told me at one point that he had access to my personnel files, and he could go to HR and you know, mess with them. And then finally he said sooner or later you are going to have to sleep with me, and at that point I started looking for a new job."
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Mrs. Thangam Minakshi

As Interviewed by Vedanth Ramanathan
"I treated all students equally, regardless of their background and culture. It was a natural thinking in me."
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Marie Irene Chandler

As Interviewed by Noah Loy
"He would take me out to the woods and he would let me drive the tractor, which girls were not allowed to drive vehicles."
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Jane Regan

As Interviewed by Ronak Regan
"I'm a strong woman... I don't let anybody tell me what I can and can't do."
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Malrieta Clauson

As Interviewed by Miles Richardson
"I had to make coffee for the crew, and the crew would come in and say I was taking up their shore duty billets, meaning that I was taking up their shore duty time."
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La'Toya Swan

As Interviewed by Colleen Hoffman
"There are some times where you have to fight more than others."
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Sandra González

As Interviewed by F.T.
"At Mexico, I used to read newspapers about men abusing women and that made me sad, but that gave me the strength to talk to my dad and ask him to stop. "
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Ofelia Hoelter

As Interviewed by A.G.
"So, I passed it, I got my certification. The four people that were training at the hospital did not get their certification."
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Beverly Doughty

As Interviewed by Henry Thompson
"I was denied the opportunity to purchase something because I was not a man."
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