Robbie G. Polk

As Interviewed by Eva R.
"You’re going to find mean people everywhere and people that will pick on you, but if you have a good support system… it doesn’t really matter."
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Daury Rollins

As Interviewed by Mia B.
"There’s no way I can wrap my mind around something unholy about love, in any form. Love is love; love is good."
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David Sasman

As Interviewed by Lindy Manzke
"I’m just another person like anybody else."
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Kari McDonald

As Interviewed by Hoyt Taylor
"Not that I’m less of a person, but that the world views me as less of a person, and that feels, to some degree, disenfranchised, not as relevant to the human race. "
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Sal Lopez

As Interviewed by Will Savage
"No-one has slushied me."
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Andy Campbell

As Interviewed by Rebekah Albach
"As a citizen of Texas, I feel that Texas itself is doing poorly in terms of making gay people equal to all other people, and trans people equal to all others."
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Michael Garcia

As Interviewed by Niels K.
"I assumed that everyone, when they went to a restaurant, they always ordered water and the cheapest thing off the menu; they didn’t order what they want."
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Dennis Coleman

As Interviewed by Daniel Lee
"I’m African-American, so I grew up in a family that has a history of understanding the discrimination based on race, and so I think it was more than just my faith, I think it was more of the history of my family in fighting injustice."
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Christine Bunce

As Interviewed by Bridget C.
"I think there is unfortunately something about human nature that we feel safest when we are with people that are like us... and it’s just harder to make room for people that are different."
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Marisol A.

As Interviewed by Marisol Sobek
"We're still working on it, people’s ignorance. We'll get there one day."
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Chuck Smith

As Interviewed by David Han
"There’s been lots of progress."
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Polly Brannen

As Interviewed by Megan Pratt
"When you're silent about a situation or a group of people who are at risk, it's a way of discriminating. It kinda means it doesn't exist."
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As Interviewed by Ali B.
"I was bullied constantly, I was beat up after school, I was afraid to walk home, afraid I wouldn't make it home alive, sometimes."
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Kathy Weiner

As Interviewed by AJ Carter
"Now when someone calls me a lesbo all I say to them is 'Yeah, and?'"
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Kevin Chapppell and David Sweeney

As Interviewed by Brighton Graf
"It is harder to look at sexual orientation in the realm of social injustice because there is not an automatic outward marker when you are young like being black. "
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Carol Levine

As Interviewed by Krista Bangs
"I remember walking through the courtyard and thinking there's a new world I could be a part of."
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Jim Currin

As Interviewed by Sophie Dolan
"I think dated more women in Greenville than a straight man, just to prove I wasn't gay."
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Danny Smith

As Interviewed by Jacob Laves
"The biggest memory that I always take away from participating in any march or any demonstration is the feeling of belonging to a community. Feeling, you know, like I’m not the only one."
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