O.S. and G.E.

As Interviewed by Madeline Lee
"The biggest protest is living an open and free life."
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Joe Leonard

As Interviewed by Emma Gleason
"I remember one Christmas, probably of ‘92 or ‘93, and he literally walked around the entire room and said hello to everybody except me. He was my favorite family member in the world, and I wanted to cry."
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Pam Greenstone

As Interviewed by Roxy Bonafont
"I would love it if people were educated enough to understand that I'm no different from them. But I don't think that will ever happen."
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Chuck Reese

As Interviwed by Jackson Hughes
"There are people who will think negatively of all kinds of people, whether you’re a minority or not. There are people that will think negative attitudes about white people, or negative attitudes about southerners, or negative attitudes about people who live in Texas, or different religions. And so when you’re one of those groups that are targeted more specifically, you get a real keen insight into what that feels like."
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As Interviewed by P.M.
"I hated being pushed, shoved, and called names during passing period."
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Paul H.

As Interviewed by O.L.
"I think churches are microcosms of society at large. Society at large thinks that it’s unacceptable, the church thinks it’s unacceptable, too. It’s not something I was taught in Sunday school or anything that had to do with church. Not that I remember anyway."
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Eliza Galaher

As Interviewed by Carly M.
"I think it's important for people to know that there are many, many things that define a person."
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Don Henderson

As Interviewed by A. Downing
"To me, it was always an issue. In high school, I remember arguing with people and with teachers about how civil rights should be afforded to gay people, just like it was to everyone else."
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Kerrie Summerfield

David Poor
"I think as a country America is not as accepting to gay people that I thought they might be at this time. I think a lot of it has to do with elderly not liking it. So I do think we have a very unacceptable confirmation as a country compared to others. And where marriage is legal has to do with a lot of things. But for the younger generation it is getting more acceptable because being gay is not your role but for them to be exposed to it is good."
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As Interviewed by Mason M.
"We don’t want to rely on people’s goodwill to care for our family. It should be a right, not dependent on anyone’s mood or political orientation or community values."
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Lisa G.

As Interviewed by Sabrina S.
"I told my mom, and she totally flipped."
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Sid Hall

As Interviewed by Bridget Kelly
"I realized that he was my friend, and I cared about him, and he didn’t choose to be gay any more than I chose to be straight."
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Nathan Hickman

As Interviewed by Jadyn B.
"We can’t help who we are. It is a hard life. I can’t understand why anyone would choose it."
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Steve Basile

As Interviewed by Elliott Moore
"I think his impact is only now realized because he was not just a gay rights leader, he was a civil rights leader."
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Vicki Faust

As Interviewed by Oscar Newman
"I think that marriage is a privilege, honestly, and it’s a difficult privilege to carry off."
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Andi Gentile

As Interviewed by Nishanth Kalavakolanu
"I think the best part of my job is watching people step into power, so people that thought they had no power finding their power and stepping into it."
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Steve Phelps

As interviewed by Emma Ryan
"There is still progress to be made, lots of progress. But I think the recognition of gay rights is heightened. I think it’s the natural next wave of the civil rights movement."
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Michael J.

As interviewed by Leonardo Praderas
"I’ve always been gay, from age 5 years old. I knew I was gay. I grew up in a family of 5 boys, and I figured that I liked doing things with my mom than going out with my brothers and shooting things."
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Jeffery Lasater

As Interviewed by Nica Lasater
"Most people don’t know that football players actually take ballet to get stronger and more athletic."
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Angie Luck

As Interviewed by Stella Luck
"So if you’re gay and you’re able to live your life as a gay person and be accepted and loved by your family and friends, and not be discriminated against in the greater world then being gay is just like being straight, there’s nothing different about it. It’s only when people cross over those lines and ignorance takes hold and when people do stupid things that it is any different at all."
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Burton Bagby-Grose

As Interviewed by Sarah Edgar
"I think that parenting is supposed to be about love."
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Thomas Tucker

As Interviewed by Shreya P.
"I know a lot of folks, where a partner’s gone into the hospital and they said that the other partner wasn’t allowed to visit, because they weren’t family."
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Tisa Tedder

As Interviewed By Emily Pinigis
"We always say 'It's okay, to be gay.'"
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Lynn and Ann M.

As Interviewed by Phoebe Lasater
"When he came out to his family, as far as being openly gay, they put him in a mental hospital trying to cure him of it."
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Meg Barnhouse

As Interviewed by Cyrus Cutter
"And sometimes you don’t even know when you are getting discriminated against because you don’t get a job or you don’t get asked to do something or asked to join a certain group. You don’t know is it because I’m a woman, because i’m unitarian, is it because I’m gay or is it they just don’t like me."
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Steph Steele

"Every person is different, and every person is the same, and it’s the differences that make us great."
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