C. Kennedy

As Interviewed by Cameron Murdock
"People look at a segment and focus on one piece of the puzzle and say this is gay lifestyle."
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As Interviewed by Jackson Blankenship
"I think when you have one particular moral structure that certain people are agreeing upon that says some people don't deserve rights you really need to think about that."
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Mike Harrison, PhD

As Interviewed by Jasmine Skloss-Harrison
"I think in 20 years people will look back on all of the controversy and laugh. Your children and your children’s children will go, “What the hell were they thinking?” It’ll be a non-issue – it’ll be such and accepted part of life that it’ll be like the expectation that the sun comes up in the morning."
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Daniel McAtee

As Interviewed by Nicholas Hammel
"I don’t think, unless you’re a very closed-minded and uneducated person, that you can really be against gays."
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Christa Hillhouse

As Interviewed by Zoe Czarnecki
"I had to infiltrate the music industry, I think, being a gay person and being a woman – I mean, I had to fight for that right in a way."
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Aly Winningham

As Interviewed by Ori Green
"I had to fight a lot of that growing up, and I had my share of confrontations and assaults. I’ve seen it all, and now I’m in my mid 40s. I’m a little bit more laid-back and choose to take a more passive approach, like voting or being the person that I want to be."
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Meg Barnhouse

As Interviewed by Bridget Lewis
"People don’t feel like they’re hating when they say you shouldn’t be gay. I know they feel like they’re trying to be concerned for the person’s soul. And they use the Bible [to prove this], which has a lot of anti-gay stuff, but there are words that they translate as homosexual that shouldn’t be translated that way... That is the problem with a lot of the passages in the Bible about homosexuality, that they use words and concepts that don’t fit homosexuality today."
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Jeff Andrews

As Interviewed by B.K.
"I think that there are plenty of people who would look down on or more often feel threatened because they don't understand homosexuality because they have never been exposed to it."
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Elaine S. Holton

As Interviewed by Sara B.
"I think from a business point of view, there are a lot of African-Americans moving to Austin who are wanting to start businesses. There are just a lot more professionals, young professionals specifically, coming into Austin. I feel that’s where we’re starting to grow as a city, and as a culture, and as a race."
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As interviewed by Roxy Smith
"I think sexuality and sexual orientation… it can be fluid, you know? It's a process of one's own self-discovery."
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Cynthia Sanders

As Interviewed by Ayden Gonzalez
"There was so much discrimination. Back then you were discriminated against if you were a girl. You were discriminated against if you wore a beard. You were discriminated against if you werr Hispanic; if you were, okay, if you were black – there was discrimination everywhere. That's why there was so much unrest back then."
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Amy Wright

As Interviewed by Oliver Powers
"My client’s position was that the children should be treated the same in the custodial arrangement as they had been treated in their family."
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Rusmir Music

As Interviewed by Vincent Hao
"It was just that I had a desire to help people understand, especially my personal background and help them see and accept difference, and to see that difference isn’t bad, its just different. "
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C. L. Wright

As Interviewd by Lydia J.
"I think it comes from a place of fear; 'What will happen if we do? Will something change in a way that will hurt us?'"
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Kelly Schneider and Kathrin Kersten

As Interviewed By Olivia Hardage
"We want to have a wedding just like everybody else."
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As interviewed by G.O.
"It’s less that you’re discriminated against there, but you sort of consciously act differently."
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William P. Gardener

As Interviewed by Piper Neulander
"In my head I somehow started connecting that being gay was kind of like being black."
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