Petti Redding

As interviewed by Sam Alvarez
"People are people. People love who they love, and nobody, nobody chooses this life. Nobody chooses it. It is not a choice. That's the biggest thing. Who would choose to get their rights taken away? Who would choose to be ridiculed?"
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Brian Thompson

As Interviewed by Cole Kennedy
"I think Texas will be told that they have to allow same-sex marriages. I don't think they will do it on their own."
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Amy Ford

As Interviewed by Zoey Kemp
"When we decided to foster children, we called several agencies, most of them laughed at us, and said 'no'."
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Janna Griffin

As interviewed by Riley Church
"I'm not trying to wave a rainbow flag at my school, or make anyone else decide that it's okay for them or for their family or how they view things. But just knowing that I'm me, and that's just part of me."
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Jill Leuzinger

As Interviewed by Joshua Shear
"I think it’s wrong. I think it’s just out of ignorance. I just think that it’s a matter of power and it’s a matter of being a minority in a world that just doesn’t understand. They can’t understand, they haven’t lived it."
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Ann McCracken and Trish Young

As interviewed by Zoe Min
"We’ve even heard people say - you know if people want to marry their same sex partner, they might want to marry their horse or their dog - which is just absurd...Where they get that is because some people think that being gay is like a perversion...It’s kind of getting people to understand that being gay is not that different than being straight."
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Leo Lalla and Bret cunningham

As Interviewed by Jacob M.
"Just this year, three months ago my company now offers domestic/partner insurance."
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Matt Greenfield

As interviewed by Zen Farris
"I only judge people by their personality and not by who they are with."
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Seth W
"There is no right way to be a person."
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Gretchen Bueide

As Interveiwed By Sonoma Camozzi
"So i think i would have felt more safe to come out earlier because i think there is more understanding or acceptance then there was in you know, the 70’s. "
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Tanya Voss

As Interviewed by Cade Marriott-Voss
"Humanity is capable of beautiful things and terrible things, and one of the terrible things about humanity is that, as a whole, we continue to discriminate."
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Leslie Losby

As interviewed by Holden Murphy
"My one friend… She is, was, very religious, and I remember them kind of being OK with it to my face, and then she said “Love the sinner, hate the sin.""
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Julie Andersen

As Interviewed by Simon Andersen
"When my ex- partner and I decided to have kids, we made a commitment that we would be proud of ourselves, and proud of our family. Never pass that shame along. For the last 17 years that's been a real commitment I've made to myself. "
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As Interviewed by Brian Sawyer
"I would say that crimes against gay people because they're gay are no more acceptable than crimes against black people or Mexicans because they are not white."
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Beth Engelking

As Interviewed by Marcus Tita
"I thought it would be just wonderful to get married here in Texas, but there were laws against it."
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Cory Lowder and Kevin Holmes

As interviewed by Kevin Lips
"The best revenge to anybody that’s trying to put you down or trying to discriminate against you is to be happy."
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Beryl Knifton

As Interviewed by Sophie K.
"I think wherever there’s a case where two people want to live together, take care of each other, and support each other, I don’t see how that could be bad for anyone."
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Belinda M.

As Interviewed by Katie M.
"I think people need to come together to help each other."
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Christine Henry Andresen

Interviewed by Molly Broughton
"I don't know if I'd call myself an activist, I just sort of feel like I'm quietly accomplishing micro things for a bunch of different people. I don't know if that counts as activism but it's fun."
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Danny Moore

As Interviewed by Jacob G.
"Seventy-five percent of Texas voted to ban gay marriage."
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Beverly Reeves

As Interviewed by Isaac S
"One of the greatest compliments a lawyer paid me several years ago was to say, ‘You know Bev, you’re such a nice, sweet girl, and you do so much good in the community, I didn’t even know the knife was in my back until you pulled it out.’ And I said to him ‘Thank you.’"
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Lara O'Toole and Denise Hendlmyer

MItchell S.
"I never use the term homosexual. There’s nothing really wrong with it, it just seems scientific."
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