Lisa Spitzer

As Interviewed by Noah S.
"It is something that will be way in the past. It was important then and it is important today, but we will all be seen as just equal and just living our lives and trying to do the right thing and be the best person we can."
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Glen Maxey

As Interviewed by Elena Baldridge
"Some of these fights are continual, because people are humans and some people want to be superior to others. "
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Shannon Dennis and Sydney Minnerly

Isobel Buffum-Robbins
"I feel like I kept it hidden for may many many years because I didn't want to be bullied or picked on, I heard what people said in my small hometown in the 80-90s"
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Julia Schneider

As Interviewed by Cristian Cooper
"I feel treated pretty equally nowadays for sure. I forget sometime that it's even different. Society’s viewpoint on gay people really changed"
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Tommy Navarre and Jim Mauseth

As Interviewed by Ava McGuire
"I didn't make a decision to be gay."
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Sarah Sloan

As Interviewed by Harry B.
"People aren't comfortable with somebody who is different then they are. When a majority of people are something, and somebody comes along and they are a little bit different then they are, they're scared, they're sacred of what they don't know."
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Sandra Ramirez

As Interviewed by Liam Langert
"If I could change one thing, I think that everybody who is active and has a positive influence and is contributing into this country should be able to be a U.S. citizen."
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Martha Orr

As Interviewed by Kyle Read
"One of my jobs was to go into those slums and make sure the woman had enough food and the children were being fed."
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Craig Hella Johnson

As Interviewed by Ellis Harlan
"There was nothing in my world that said this was positive thing if you are actually gay. ... I went on a journey of years and years, of trying to change myself. And I would go to doctors, and I would pray. And I would meet all kinds of people that thought they had ways to help. I tried anything I could see so I could be different and be straight."
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Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant

As Interviewed by Eli Kuhn
"If you try to reach out with as much love and understanding as you possibly can to other people, they'll probably reach back with love and understanding towards you."
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Silas Munro

As interviewed by L.T.
"Equality is a tricky thing to define. Extensively it means that all people are treated equally and fairly. For people to be equal and for people to have equality, there is a lot of work that we as a society have to do."
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