Eleanor Thompson

As interviewed by Myra Karpinski
"The harder issue would be more like physical dysphoria, which is the sort of disconnect that I feel between myself and my body and my experiences."
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Jill Schmidt

As Interviewed by Daniel Jordan
"And I got really fed up with it one day, so i stood up and yelled 'I'm not contagious!'"
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James G.

As Interviewed by Chase Hays
"Honestly, I hope there isn’t a gay community. I hope it's just a community. I hope there is no more need for parades or laws or all those things. We are human beings. "
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Christopher Warner

As Interviewed By August Bohmer
"It felt like people were taking away our rights."
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Bob Schdmit

As Interviewed by Eli Betton
"‘This is the weirdest and saddest part. My dad said, 'We talked to the minister, and he said it was because I wasn't a very good dad to you and I wasn't there enough when you were young and I’m sorry.’ "
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Judith Moyer

As Interviewed by Charlotte Moyer
"We didn’t think stuff about flowers, and music and church decorations were really essential to understanding the meaning of marriage in the Presbyterian Church so that’s how come we started over and we talked about marriage as a gift from God."
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Isabelle Z. and Caitlin L.

As Interviewed by Skyler J.
"I think that it’s weird to feel lucky that you have accepting parents -- that should be kind of a given."
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Gil Dawson Interview

As Interviewed by Sam Eccles
"It was such a relief -- my grandmother had died."
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M. Polk

As Interviewed by Clara C.
"This conversation would not even have been possible when I was in 7th grade. It would have been, just inconceivable. It would have been considered probably dangerous for a 7th grader to be around somebody who was gay."
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Melissa Walker

As Interviewed by Simona Kao
"Well, most of the hospitals here in Austin are Catholic, so they wouldn't condone a single woman having a child out of wedlock."
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As Interviewed by R.L
"Of course, it can still be difficult -- male-female couples have issues and difficulties, but it is just not the same level."
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John Boardman

As Interviewed by Sylvia Grimes
"I remember once in high school the local community theater put on a show, a play that had a gay character in it -- and the city pulled their funding from it, from that theater, because they had a gay character in the play, and that was so bad."
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