Toni wakefield

As Interviewed by Alex Antone
"I do not believe you can help who you love."
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David Crabb

As Interviewed by Carys B
"If you put her in a room with 10 people, and like nine of them were white and straight, and one of them was black and gay, she would want to talk to the other person."
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Jaydon Putnam

As interviewed by Asha Rountree
""When I first came out, I lost all my friends, and kind of was shunned during seventh grade." "
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Kristen Aing

As Interviewed by Jordan K.
"I think that there are some stereotypes about any group that are slightly true. It's not something that you should just 100% take at face."
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Donald Charles Lawson

As Interviewed by Stella Tatum
"They would call me and my friends names... I felt alone, and I felt a little scared. "
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Carol Dancey

As Interviewed by Nikki M.
"I’m doing it, trying to live life wrong, and this isn’t me."
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Jerry Martinez

As Interviewed by Zoe Pena
"I appeal to women, I appeal to men, I appeal to the gay community, I love the gay community, I love the drag queens. "
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