Amrit Topiwala

As Interviewed by Kiran Topiwala
"The white always looked down on us, and not only that, they wanted us to be left uneducated so they could subjugate us."
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Omar Houache

As Interviewed by Hussam D.
"Heroes are not visible or circulating among the population. They were either in the front or in prisons... But the real heroes for me were those who died during the revolution."
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Richard L. Gabler

As Interviewed by Max Henneke
"Although I was totally disabled for at least the last 22 years, I was not granted total disability compensation until about 3 months ago."
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Alan Buckholtz

As Interviewed by Jessica G.
"The police department had hundreds and hundreds of officers between the protesters and the hotel for the obvious purpose of protecting the hotel, and more particularly the president."
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Nancy Kibler

As Interviewed by Abbe Kelly
"They bombed anything that would have helped the German war effort..."
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Rajeshwar Sastry

As Interviewed by Avani Sastry
"[Both young and old] were uniform in their approach for gaining independence, and the only motive for them was self-sacrifice and liberating the country from foreign rule."
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Edward "Ed" Segura

As Interviewed by Devon Nelms
"The VA aren't there to help their veterans, they're there to help the government, themselves."
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Judy R. Hodgson

As Interviewed by Reed Rogers
"I guess the biggest hero and most influential was Martin Luther King, Jr."
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Mrs. Herta Pila

As Interviewed By Sam D.
"I just lived one day after the next and hoped for the best."
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As Interviewed by Bennett S.
"I think that I learned a lot, I grew a lot from war and, like I said, war is unfortunate. I feel proud of what I did. I'm glad I made it back."
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Derek Hill

As Interviewed by Kennedy S.
"I was a platoon commander at the time of 9-11, but I was part of a 5000 men army that had already been deployed."
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Brian Turner

As Interviewed by Currie L.
"Racism much as anything, just ignorance of what the other race is."
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Berta Gojer

As Interviewed by Daniel Gostein
"The government took over ownership of everything. From big companies, to little stores, nothing. Everybody works for the government,"
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Annemarie Prinz

As Interviewed by Matthew Prinz
"I went to school for eight years. After eighth grade, my mother told me I had to earn money because my father was sick. I had started school after 6, so by eighth grade I was 14. After eighth grade, I worked in a general store owned by a person named Mr. Müller, and I worked there for 10 years until I got married. "
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As Interviewed by Gina C.
"You can criticize people, or even yourself, but don't use violence."
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Michael Stone

An Interview by Jake Atlas
"You could just hear the bombs, and they were using napalm and bombs, helicopters and what not. You try to maintain a neutral position, but almost everyone sympathized with someone. It was impossible not to."
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Kamran Asdar Ali

As Interviewed by Raavi A.
"One has to be kind to others, irrespective."
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Peter Polgar

As Interviewed by Kaitlin P.
"I guess at eight years-old these things are more adventuresome than worrisome."
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David M. Davis

As Interviewed by Collin Davis
"There were some people that thought that whole area of the world was like dominoes. You know if you line them up and you knock one down, it knocks them all down."
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Kristen Burnett

As Interviewed by Cameron Wynn
"The bombing around me was still going on until 1946. They shot at kids. They told kids do not pick up anything. They would plant pens and paper and crayons on the street so the kids could pick it up and it would explode in their face. We were told, do not, do not pick up anything."
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Anh Thomas

As Interviewed by Ryan Thomas
"I left Vietnam in 1975 with the last exodus of American soldiers."
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Francisco Alfaro

As Interviewed by Christian Alfaro
"Life is full of problems, so you have to face everything that you can with an open mind and live the best way you can."
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Tan Huynh

As Interviewed by Satvik Kolluri
"If you see videos and images of that last day -- where everybody was just going crazy, trying to climb onto the next US helicopter, plane, or ship -- we were part of that group."
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Chawhun Chai

Interviewed by Brian G.
"We were walking and singing, and all of a sudden here was a bomb that dropped at the head of the mob. That was the first real encounter of the real blood situation. I saw people were carried out covered with blood. Two people were killed and several wounded."
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Laura Selis

As interviewed by Henry Selis
"I'm sure that there's a part of them that never wanted to be haunted..."
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J. Robert Selman

As Interviewed by Saskia H.
"People, now that the war is part of the past, and so long ago, are beginning to become wiser about what war is, and they know that war is not something that you can just start for any reason. It's extremely, extremely serious. It's something that's going to kill you in the end."
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Vicente Sanchez

As interviewed by Anthony Sanchez
"Freedom has a price that some pay dearly and never take it for granted."
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Martha Shaftel

An Interviewed by Ellie Zambarano
"My mother’s mother went with her to the concentration camp and was selected to go to the right side, and the people that went to the right were mostly the elderly, the infirm, or women like my grandmother, who was carrying and baby and had three younger ones with her. She went to the right for extermination."
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Rama Rao Kancharla

As Interviewed by Varun Sudunagunta
"Even in wartime we had free time in which we played sports or shot rifles for fun."
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Edward R. Arevalo

As Interviewed by Eric Arevalo
"And he said, 'No, I’m just pulling your leg. I’m just letting you know that anytime there is a conflict you will be called on and you need to be ready.'"
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T.J. Romero

As Interviewed by Jerardo Sandoval
"There is no kind of terror that you can experience except what man does to man during war. It’s really ugly and scary. It haunts you the rest of your life."
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Efstathia Kappou-Berberidou

As Interviewed by Filippos Kallivokas
"Greece’s first engagement in the war was the conflict with Italy."
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Gilbert Tuhabonye

As Interviewed by Caroline V.
"To be able to walk, to be in the place where I almost lost my life, it was unbelievable."
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Apophia Munabi Munro

As Interviewed by Henry Munabi Trentham
"The British felt that they were more civilized than we were and that our way of life was. In terms of religion, we were pagans."
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Stephanie Hamm

As Interviewed by Karina Gaul
"What do I recommend to young people about getting involved and making a change? Boy I wish I was young again, and could put myself in the position of young people because I think they have a very, very different experience. I just hope somehow, whether their parents are sensitive to the issues or not, that they can develop a sensitivity to other people’s needs."
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Adel Emam

As Interviewed by Dashiell J
"...and then the third ten years, everybody start saying, “Hey, you [Mubarak] have to go. Thirty years is long enough!’"
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Roy Rodriquez

As Interviewed by Hyeonseung Lee
"We lost a lot of lives; we lost a lot of soldiers and civilians. I didn’t agree."
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Antonio Gonzales

As Interviewed by Roby Mora
"I wasn't really in the war but I was prepared at anytime to give my life for my country."
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Ron Dorko

As Interviewed by Kyle W.
"We were considered a minus site. In other words, during an invasion, we were to destroy the whole site – like blow it up. We could literally blow the whole top of the mountain if we wanted to."
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James Edmonds

As Interviewed by Conell Fuka
"On a sucessful mission you feel good, but if someone gets hit, or worse yet, killed, based on a decision you made, you feel bad."
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