Hamilton Dawes

As Interviewed by Georgia Eckel
"Everyone has a voice. Your voice in this country needs to be heard."
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Dr. Guner

As Interviewed by Peter Gregory
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Roberta Cogswell

As Interviewed by Elliott Sorensen
"Anybody who wanted to serve their country would sign up!"
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Mishko Teodorovich

As Interviewed by Andrew Teodorovich
"It's important to say that this was not a consent by all NATO member countries."
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Harold "Bud" Allison

As interviewed by Sage Allison
"You didn't set your schedule, the battle set your schedule."
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Jackie Ramsey

As interviewed by Millie Ramsey
"For the first 18 years of my life, we only spent eight of those birthdays together. Jackie Ramsey"
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Lansford Trapp

As interviewed by Robin Little
"So, I looked out, my wing was on fire...but I lost control of the airplane."
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Kristiana Mulligan

As Interviewed by Ian Irving
"Later in the afternoon, my dad showed us about half a kilometer away from our house a bomb had actually dropped, but it was on an empty field and there was just a huge crater in the ground."
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James Crowley

As interviewed by Seth crowley
"All of the sudden the lanterns went out and the people on the boats started shooting at us."
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Ralph J. Yargo

As Interviewed by Finnegan Alexander
"A sapper came in and shot one of my roommates, there were four of us there, injured another... So yeah, it was intense, of course it was intense."
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Mrs. Judy Duncan

As Interviewed by Campbell Duncan
"I'm seeing that young man's face right now, he was able to read and write a basic letter to his wife, and he was so proud. "
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Brian O'Neil

As interviewed by Evan O'Neil
"It's one thing to see it on television but it is quite another thing to see it in person."
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Craig Durr

As interviewed by Amelia Durr
"All the sudden all those sirens became very focused in my mind, I could hear them all. "
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Alka Tripathi

As Interviewed by Tarushi Tripathi
"This feeling of betrayal was among every Indian heart."
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Don Sunukjian

As Interviewed by Joseph Sunukjian
"The country had been abandoned by the Soviet Union, and was very poor."
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Khurshid Anwar Arfi

As Interviewed by Ayan Arfi
"I learned from experience that you should not keep quiet and ignore such things, they should be condemned alright, but to counter it in a perfecting manner, it was an effective measure to discourage hate."
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Norma Bonazzo

As Interviewed by Alex Eleftheriades
"For the military that there were so many dead soldiers that they did not take their time like you do here in the United States -- you do so much things for them to say ‘Thank you for serving.’ Over there -- no. They would leave you close to the trash cans and somebody would pick you up."
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Brandon Kaung

As interviewed by Allan Kaung
"At the Inya Lake, there was a bridge called the White bridge. It was later named as the Red Bridge."
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George W. Pearson

As Interviewed by Naomi P.
"In East Germany the people walking by [were] kind of keeping an eye on you knowing you were from the West -- but they couldn’t talk to you."
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Roshan Strong

As interviewed by Chloe Rizk
"That was a really strange time to be in there it was strange to feel like you wanted to help the invaders because they were asking for bread and water."
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Duke R. Bischoff

As Interviewed by Anthony Carlos
"Upon arriving in Vietnam, it kinda caught up like with everyone else. We couldn't believe what was happening over there."
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Kuruvilla Karivelithara

As Interviewed by N.K.
"They were fighting for the freedom from the British people."
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Mike and Pat Holy

As Interviewed by Michael A.
"We were told by television to pack a bag and have it by the front door, ready to leave at a moment's notice if the sirens went off."
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John Emerson

As Interviewed by Andrew Brotherton
"If we could have done it over again, then we wouldn't have done it."
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Ron Dorsey

As Interviewed by Samya Chauhan
"I was pro-war until I saw how it was conducted. Then I saw that it was not pro-soldier."
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Le Su Fang (translated by Peter T.)

As Interviewed by Edwin Tan
"There were many people [who were prosecuted], especially leaders in the government."
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James R. Pointer

As Interviewed by Jack Wilkerson
"The area right across the street from our compound was an ammunition dump. And during the Tet Offensive, sappers had gotten into this compound and set pallets of ammunition off. "
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Jean Bryan

As Interviewed by Malvika Pradhan
"I was used to reading in my history books about America, who always won wars, like World War II, and so to realize that we had actually lost and lost so many lives, it was very humbling."
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Mi-Ae Lee

As Interviewed by Jaynie L.
"We were making a huge march. We were going together, we were shouting. It was a big ocean of people."
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The K. Family

As Interviewed by Nour Zoweil
"They came up to her and they were like, 'You have to take your hijab off or you go back home and you do not go outside anymore.' And then we never went out again with her and my mom."
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Monica Boulton

As Interviewed by Jonas Feighner
"People didn’t migrate to other countries because we were always wealthy because of the oil."
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Habib Khan

As Interviewed by Nassib Khan
"Pakistan started a war in itself"
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David Robertson

As Interviewed by Kaden Williford
"We have had many mothers and fathers lose their children, wives lose their husbands, and it's just a sad thing."
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