Teacher: S. Tyson:

Michael Stevens

As Interviewed by Baffour A
"Jazz is important to me because it allows each person and musician to express themselves as their authentic self."
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Tabor C.

As Interviewed by Marshall Clifton
"Around the nation, a lot of other people had the idea that kindness could have changed a lot."
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Wenyun Wang

As Interviewed by Aima F.
"It wasn’t fun to live there, a lot of chaos. I remember one morning when I woke up I couldn’t even find my shoes."
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McKenna Carr

As Interviewed by Neha Gundubogula
"It’s not so much about doing the thing that everybody thinks and cheers you on for, but doing the thing you know is right."
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Angelos Panagopoulos

As Interviewed by Will Basham
"Most immigrants expect to succeed, but to do that, they have to work harder, they have to work longer, and they have to work smarter, and if they do that, they do succeed. If they don't do that, they don't succeed."
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Memi Cardenas

As Interviewed by Mahrukh K.
"What my previous generations had done to the Earth was horrible and I wanted to leave it better than the way I found it."
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Mark Zupan

As Interviewed By Fiona R.
"One of my best friends in the world, he’s responsible just for me still being alive, still being who I am."
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Madhu Nerlikar

As Interviewed by Trajan Schuneman
"When I graduated and got my master’s degree, there was a recession, in seventy-two, seventy-three, there was a major economic recession, and even local Americans were having trouble finding jobs."
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Karl Fickenscher

As Interviewed by Alice S.
"The struggle for human rights, for human dignity is constant and it needs to be reinvented every generation, it has to be defended every generation. "
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Joel Hanna

As Interviewed by Carla F. M.
"My father is from Iraq so I felt like of all people -- being American and having a father from there -- I should be involved in some way."
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Monica C.

Adele B.
"In hindsight... that kind of sticks in my mind is how discrimination is universal."
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Anuradha Naimpally

As interviewed by Rahi Deo
"And so I came home I told my mom, ‘I want to learn how to do that, I want to learn how to dance like that.’"
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Norma Bonazzo

As Interviewed by Alex Eleftheriades
"For the military that there were so many dead soldiers that they did not take their time like you do here in the United States -- you do so much things for them to say ‘Thank you for serving.’ Over there -- no. They would leave you close to the trash cans and somebody would pick you up."
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Brenda Fine

As interviewed by Kadin Fine
"It wasn’t natural then even for the women the inequality of gender not just women. Because of course there are male nurses. Back when I was that age women were supposed to be nurses, so it's equality for both men and women. "
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William Fischer

As Interviewed by Natalie Fischer
"What we do, is trying to make a case that these programs really are important and really do help people a lot, because there’s lots of research showing that there’s just lots of people who need help. There’s just millions and millions of people who are, some of them are actually homeless, living in the streets."
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Judi Ferguson

As Interviewed by Ella G
"Now a days that’s all you see, you don’t even see dress uniforms anymore."
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Linda Allison

As Interviewed by Porter Gregg
"The request had to go all the way to the district office for consideration. Because then, shop wasn’t viewed as an appropriate elective for girls. Her request was approved, and she was, as a result, the first girl in one of the largest school districts in Saint Louis, Missouri, to take a shop class. "
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Doug Kilday

As Interviewed by Lincoln Kilday
"My work was really just to assist the lawyers in the office."
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Brandon Kaung

As interviewed by Allan Kaung
"At the Inya Lake, there was a bridge called the White bridge. It was later named as the Red Bridge."
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George W. Pearson

As Interviewed by Naomi P.
"In East Germany the people walking by [were] kind of keeping an eye on you knowing you were from the West -- but they couldn’t talk to you."
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Diana Ventura

As Interviewed by Sofia Rios
"She does the job -- I feel protected, but I don't have to worry about what she will do."
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Gunay Sepehri

As Interviewed by Lanie Sepehri
"I think if you are going to live in United States, and if you get citizenship, it’s better."
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Donald Charles Lawson

As Interviewed by Stella Tatum
"They would call me and my friends names... I felt alone, and I felt a little scared. "
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Margaret Van De Graaf

As Interviewed by Chloe Van De Graaf
"And they had the hats, the pointed hats."
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Anish Vergis

As Interviewed by Nitya V.
"I was never used to a country that would treat different citizens of different countries in a varied way..."
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Ting Liu

Alex Zhou
""Over the years there has been so much hatred.""
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Javier D.

As Interviewed by Oscar A.
"They tell you that you are not going to be able do it, that something can happen to you, or an accident, but they were always afraid that something would happen to me."
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Caprice Pierucci

As interviewed by Bella B.
"I always think of art as being something that is between your hands, your mind, and your heart, like writing a journal: Hands... Mind... Heart.... There's a connection. When you're using hands, it's easier to be in touch."
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Gemma Heaslip

As Interviewed by Evelyn Constant
"My siblings - we never said ‘they’re blacks’ or ‘we can’t do this or that’ -- it was such a different world back then."
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Mary E. Paxton

As interviewed by Wendy Geng
""I was just shocked out of my mind about the housing for the people that were living there.""
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Robert Dupree

As Interviewed by Aubrey Howe
"So I was going through training with black soldiers. And a lot of the officers and sergeants and so forth were also black. All I know was they were really good. I was kind of impressed. That was my opinion about it. They were fellow soldiers; we were on the same team."
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As Interviewed by Maya Kini
"I realized I was not welcomed at a place that was supposed to be my safe haven. Where hopes and dreams are supposed to be cultivated. Instead I was looked at as if I was an intruder; as if I was something less than human."
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Erika Nowlin

As Interviewed by Daniel Larson
"Once you're in there, you realize that we're all humans and we're all out there to do good for each other and help each other."
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Duke R. Bischoff

As Interviewed by Anthony Carlos
"Upon arriving in Vietnam, it kinda caught up like with everyone else. We couldn't believe what was happening over there."
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Kuruvilla Karivelithara

As Interviewed by N.K.
"They were fighting for the freedom from the British people."
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Jacquie Benstante

As Interviewed by Daniel Balic
"There are some people that don’t realize that people with autism can talk and can be very intelligent. There are just a lot of misconceptions about Autism."
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Lisa Moore

As Interviewed by Sullivan B.
"I felt like it would have a real chilling effect on debate in the classroom if students had to worry that somebody was armed. So along with several of my colleagues, I founded an organization called Gun Free UT, and we have done a lot of different things to try to oppose that law."
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Sung Lee

As interviewed by Nathan Lee
"Everyone has a belief system so because of that, it’s really hard to get people to believe that there is a god, and that God created everything -- and so because of that, it’s difficult to change people’s worldview."
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Mike Martindale

As Interviewed by Evan Lidiak
"The Air Force said that if you join the Air Force, which basically is what I did, you typically had a choice of what you wanted to go into."
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Marie Irene Chandler

As Interviewed by Noah Loy
"He would take me out to the woods and he would let me drive the tractor, which girls were not allowed to drive vehicles."
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As Interviewed by Yahania M.
"I believe I am capable of doing any job as long as I try my best."
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Sarah Buttrey

As Interviewed by Veena Mishra
"I just like taking care of people who have less access to resources who need good care."
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Jane Regan

As Interviewed by Ronak Regan
"I'm a strong woman... I don't let anybody tell me what I can and can't do."
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John C.

As Interviewed by Basmalah S.
"There's nothing like being shot off an aircraft carrier."
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Guadalupe Jimenez

As Interviewed by E.S.
"If our city would have been safe and if it would have been a good place to live in, we wouldn't have immigrated here."
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Stephanie Thomas

As Interviewed by Bo Wang
"That's a big part of what we are trying to do -- not just take no for an answer."
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Mike and Pat Holy

As Interviewed by Michael A.
"We were told by television to pack a bag and have it by the front door, ready to leave at a moment's notice if the sirens went off."
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Norma Rodriguez

As Interviewed by Mario Bellavia
"We were told that we could not go into the pool... We were only allowed to go on Thursdays... Of course Thursdays was the day that the water was the dirtiest."
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John Emerson

As Interviewed by Andrew Brotherton
"If we could have done it over again, then we wouldn't have done it."
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Ron Dorsey

As Interviewed by Samya Chauhan
"I was pro-war until I saw how it was conducted. Then I saw that it was not pro-soldier."
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Michele Fenton

As Interviewed By Jack F.
"Texas ranks forty-third out of fifty states in the funding of our schools. So it's definitely time to make a change."
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Don Grant

As interviewed by Liesl Geiger
"There’s a term in the Bible where God refers to what we do as dead works, as doing things good for people, but then God says, ‘There’s no one good.’ So when you do things without the correct motivation, there’s the implication that it’s void. As I said, whatever good is happening in our country or in the world is still being inspired by God...regardless of what one’s background is."
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Malrieta Clauson

As Interviewed by Miles Richardson
"I had to make coffee for the crew, and the crew would come in and say I was taking up their shore duty billets, meaning that I was taking up their shore duty time."
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Rajesh K. Singh

As Interviewed by Krish Singh
"When I compare the last fifteen years and prior to that, there have been several government programs."
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Le Su Fang (translated by Peter T.)

As Interviewed by Edwin Tan
"There were many people [who were prosecuted], especially leaders in the government."
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James R. Pointer

As Interviewed by Jack Wilkerson
"The area right across the street from our compound was an ammunition dump. And during the Tet Offensive, sappers had gotten into this compound and set pallets of ammunition off. "
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As Interviewed By Maryam Z.
"I feel I change more than the people change around me because until now I have been in Austin for more than 15 years -- I can feel different."
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La'Toya Swan

As Interviewed by Colleen Hoffman
"There are some times where you have to fight more than others."
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Hernan Jaramillo

As Interviewed by Andrea Jaramillo
"I chilled with other brown kids because I was brown, too."
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Jordan Press

As Interviewed by Milla Press
"They told me to bite the curb and that they were going to curb stop me, which is kicking the back of my head."
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Jean Bryan

As Interviewed by Malvika Pradhan
"I was used to reading in my history books about America, who always won wars, like World War II, and so to realize that we had actually lost and lost so many lives, it was very humbling."
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Juanita Flores Smith

As Interviewed by Mateo Rives
"You feel discriminated and completely out of place when your culture or your language is not welcomed."
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Meredith Word

As interviewed by Emily Word
"You can't bubble him his whole life cause that's no the real world."
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Sue McElligott

As Interviewed by Sofia Castano
"We advanced, and what was surprising to the nation was that this coach, Don Haskins, didn’t recruit people on the basis of their skin color, but of their ability, and his leading team was all African-American."
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Susan Siegal

As Interviewed by Gabriel Syed
"You never have a complete view of history. You have a snapshot of history. The question is, through that snapshot, can you prove your case?"
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Mi-Ae Lee

As Interviewed by Jaynie L.
"We were making a huge march. We were going together, we were shouting. It was a big ocean of people."
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As Interviewed by L.A. Jones
"Some people see black people as intimidating."
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Inbal Hasbani

As Interviewed by Noa Adelman
"You are helping defend either sometimes innocent victims or sometimes not innocent victims -- sometimes guilty victims, but everybody deserves a defense, you know."
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Doretha McDonald

As interviewed by C.M.
"And after the football game, if you wanted to get something to eat, you had to go to the back door."
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The K. Family

As Interviewed by Nour Zoweil
"They came up to her and they were like, 'You have to take your hijab off or you go back home and you do not go outside anymore.' And then we never went out again with her and my mom."
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Jed Chute

As Interviewed by Matthew Manangkalangi
"I would say you kinda broaden yourself as an individual by learning how other people live, and that was what the Navy really taught me."
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Monica Boulton

As Interviewed by Jonas Feighner
"People didn’t migrate to other countries because we were always wealthy because of the oil."
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Brian C. Guequierre

As Interviewed By Autry Guequierre
"I first found out about the Baha’i Faith on the SAT... I went home and told my dad, ‘Hey, they had a religion on the SAT that if it was real I might be interested in.’"
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Patricia van Staveren

As Interviewed by Sage Willmore
"Some of it was pretty horrific. But you’ve got to have witnesses -- and a lot of the times in the more affluent areas, there are no witnesses."
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Carolyn McKaskle

As interviewed by Sloane McKaskle
"Honestly, it feels like we're always doing assessments"
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Laura Van Slyke

As Interviewed by Madeleine Van Slyke
"Just the fact that our foster care system is still -- 13 years later since I was directly working with it on a regular basis -- it’s still not appropriately funded [is a social injustice]."
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Olive Gilbert

As Interviewed by Graham Gilbert
"He stayed with them his whole life because they hire him when he needed to be hired."
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Sandra González

As Interviewed by F.T.
"At Mexico, I used to read newspapers about men abusing women and that made me sad, but that gave me the strength to talk to my dad and ask him to stop. "
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Habib Khan

As Interviewed by Nassib Khan
"Pakistan started a war in itself"
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Parvizi Parvizi

As Interviewed by Selin Y.
"The told me 'You dumb-dumb -- Have your wife make a call.'"
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Marjorie Heaton

As Interviewed by Che Brown
"We always held our breaths when each legislature convened because we wondered if there was a bill that would call for the closure of the center."
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Zelalem Negash

As Interviewed by Nuhamin Dagmay
"I understood that we were not able to do this, but I hoped one day I could be able to buy as many jellos as I wanted."
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Ofelia Hoelter

As Interviewed by A.G.
"So, I passed it, I got my certification. The four people that were training at the hospital did not get their certification."
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Qijun Gu

As Interviewed by David Gu
"Getting a job, I’m guessing that was the most challenging part in America."
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Desmond Bynum

As interviewed by Jay Schlett
"When I think about the discrimination that I’ve experienced as an adult more so has been systemic. A lot of even just being younger a lot of the systemic racism and discrimination that I’ve experienced looking back it’s overwhelming."
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Bill Clarke

As Interviewed by Matthew Novak
"We were very fortunate at that time that we had a store manager by the name of Bill Hackney who understood the consequences and what was happening"
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David Robertson

As Interviewed by Kaden Williford
"We have had many mothers and fathers lose their children, wives lose their husbands, and it's just a sad thing."
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Kristin Taylor

As Interviewed by Pierson Taylor
"The power to take somebody to jail should be used wisely by the police officers, and as citizens we should make sure that we are respecting the law and aware of our surroundings to prevent ourselves from getting out of that kind of trouble."
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Ilan Levin

As Interviewed by Cassidy Levin
"Everyone I knew was aware that it was wrong to have a system of government, like the haves and the have nots were based on the color of your skin."
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Vivek Nagaraj

As Interviewed by Jai Nagaraj
"I just felt fortunate that I didn’t have to be carrying bags of cement."
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Matias B.

As Interviewed by Katie T
"I think my experience in the military was something that I would've never been able to experience in civilian life, so I give it a 10. It's interesting, it's fun, and it's very, very informative and you can train for whatever you want."
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Lorena G.

As Interviewed by Curtis Lear
"Even though the Civil Rights Movement was a while ago, we still need to keep progressing."
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Beverly Doughty

As Interviewed by Henry Thompson
"I was denied the opportunity to purchase something because I was not a man."
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