Elora-Isabella Baird

As Interviewed by Star Wasson
"If this whole technological advance thing goes on for much longer, there won’t be a need to speak because people will be like me, depending on a computer for everyday conversations."
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Quin Goyer

As Interviewed by Eli Goyer
"It’s a condition, and there’s not really any denying that without lying to yourself. But it’s a part of who I am, just like anybody’s conditions are a part of who they are."
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Sheri Bryant

As Interviewed by Ally Martin
"Everyone has assumptions or prejudices. It's up to each person to challenge their assumtptions about others."
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Sarah Barnes

As Interviewed by Ally Morales
"I should have not have not to go there, because basically out laws are being broken. Not just in the books, but in society, in general. You shouldn't have to ask for this kind of dignity for your child."
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David B.

As Interviewed by Luca Venegoni
"It was unfair that people who could afford to go to college could avoid the draft while people without enough money couldn’t."
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Isela Fernandez

As Interviewed by Efrain Garduno
"In Mexico, that problem is very big, because the people see you as a different person."
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Frieda Borth

As Interviewed by Interviewed by I.C.
"That’s just the way it was. "
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Nick Hall

As Interviewed by Mayona
"There must never be any kind of separation, ever, in people."
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Morris and Sally Porter

As Interviewed by Hannah Marks
"The Deaf community is my community."
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Michael Wolf

As Interviewed by Grace Fullerton
"I think people treated me just like everyone else."
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